The mourning period is not over yet: this is how the royals continue

The mourning period is not over yet
So it goes on for the royals

After the death of the Queen, one appointment after another followed for the new King Charles and the other members of the British royal family. With the funeral of the monarch, however, peace returns. For now at least.

Eleven days after her death, Queen Elizabeth II found her final resting place in King George VI’s side chapel in Windsor. The world said goodbye to her, the state funeral with countless mourners on Monday was exhausting and sad for her family. How is King Charles III. and his relatives further?

The funeral marks the end of the official period of mourning that has been in place in Britain since the Queen’s death. However, this does not apply to the royals. For them, the new monarch has announced a period of mourning that lasts until seven days after the queen’s funeral. It is therefore unlikely that members of the royal family will perform in public for the next seven days.

The funeral and efforts of the past few days are now followed by a “time for reflection” and “recovery,” explains royal expert Emily Nash in an interview with “Hello!” magazine. The royal family has attended many memorial services in recent days, shaking hands with dozens of grieving royal fans, receiving flowers and standing guard at the queen’s coffin.

“Time to Think”

“The past 10 days have been incredibly intense, especially for the king but also for the entire royal family. And although the funeral is now over, we will experience 7 more days of royal mourning,” Nash said. “That means we won’t see them doing their usual business, attending appointments and making public appearances.” Instead, the royals are now waiting for a “period of reflection” to “recover from a very difficult personal moment in their lives”.

After the mourning in public, there are now a few quiet days for the royal family. As the British television network ITV reports, official appearances by the royal family during this period are only possible with the express permission of the king.

Charles himself apparently uses his free time in Scotland. According to Sky News, he flew to Aberdeen from a military airport in London the day after his mother’s funeral. Like the Queen, he is known for spending time in the most northern part of the country of Great Britain. In 2002, after the death of his grandmother, “Queen Mum”, he inherited a cottage on the royal estate of Balmoral Estate in the Scottish Highlands, where he has since spent many holidays.

When will Charles be crowned?

The next big date for the monarch will be his coronation. It is not yet known when this will take place. However, it could be in the next six months, Emily Nash suggests. Other experts assume a longer period. However, it is unlikely to last as long as Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. After the death of her father, King George VI, in February 1952, it was 16 months before his coronation in June 1953.

According to tradition, the coronation is expected to take place at Westminster Abbey. The Queen’s funeral service was also held there on Monday. Besides Charles III. his wife, consort Camilla, is also likely to be crowned.

One of the priorities for Charles III, according to ITV. the future of the Commonwealth. One of his first foreign trips as king will therefore probably take him to one of the countries where he is head of state. After her coronation, Queen Elizabeth II made a six-month trip around the world with her husband, Prince Philip.

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