The mayor’s office of Bogotá takes over the property that “Los Maracuchos” has converted into a drugstore in the center

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The mayor's office of Bogotá initiated proceedings to confiscate a building that the Los Maracuchos gang had turned into a drug store.  Photo: Office of the Mayor of Bogota
The mayor’s office of Bogotá initiated proceedings to confiscate a building that the Los Maracuchos gang had turned into a drugstore. Photo: Office of the Mayor of Bogota

The Bogotá Mayor’s Office has dealt a blow to the criminal structure of “Los Maracuchos” originating in Venezuela and that she would be implicated in the murder of people who were abandoned in garbage bags in different parts of the city, in the midst of these gangs fighting over the illegal rents in the city.

Through a broadcast on Facebook, The president of the Colombian capital, Claudia López, pointed out that the district had taken over a plot of land in the historic center of the city, which the aforementioned gang had turned into a business of narcotics.

“On Av. Caracas at 24, on the property used by “Los Maracuchos” in Los Mártires for crime, taking advantage of humble people. Pot that the prosecution declares for domain dying, pot that we demolish”, posted on his official Twitter account along with the link where the operation could be seen live.

That’s exactly what López pointed out in the video of the tour the place had been turned into an emergency shelter where the homeless, whose activities were to cover up the sale of substances, could stay for a minimum price illegal.

“Supposedly it was a ‘pay day’. They were humble people used as human shields for aka “Otoniel” who was one of the “Los Maracuchos” who organized drug trafficking here.Yo Part of our job is not only to help prosecutors and the police catch criminals, confiscate their property, income and weapons, but then to ensure that that property no longer exists.”he explained.

Lopez noticed this This meant the abandonment of the authorities in the city as the property is among those that will have to be demolished as the light rail that will be connected to the municipality of Facatativá will pass through this area. and which is known as Regiotram and should be protected to prevent this type of situation.

“In any case, we wanted to salvage and demolish these properties in order to be able to build this road infrastructure (…) That’s a bit of laziness on the part of the state, to be honest. This asset has been in a domain deletion process since 2017. It was allegedly responsible for the Special Assets Society (SAE), which is an agency of the national government. Well, that’s how careful the site was”critical.

As for the people who found them on the spot, The mayor indicated that they would make her the institutional offer so they could have access to decent housing.

“We give housing benefits and humanitarian aid packages to the people who have lived here because they are humble people who need a decent place to live. We knocked over pots in Los Mártires that became gardens and orchards for the people of downtown Bogotá.” noted via Twitter.

It should be remembered that “Los Maracuchos” is a criminal organization originating in Venezuela and is involved in a bloody dispute with other gangs. such as ‘El Tren de Aragua’, also from the neighboring country, and the Colombian ones, historically found in this district.

The investigations of the authorities have revealed that the criminal boss of the above structure is alias Leo, who would dominate the drugstores, as well as coordinating criminal activities such as theft and theft of personal data to commit related crimes.


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