“The Masked Singer”: Whistle Unmasked – This GNTM Star Was Under The Mask

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With “The Masked Singer” the flute has to say goodbye to the stage this time. The celebrity behind the mask from another ProSieben format is known throughout Germany. Only Moschner from the council team got it right: she recognizes the whistle from the Saarland dialect.

The creative director and former judge of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” Thomas Hayo was disguised as a whistle on the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer” and thus was eliminated. The 53-year-old, who sat next to Heidi Klum on the GNTM jury until 2018, received too few votes from viewers on Saturday evening and therefore had to reveal his identity. Still, Hayo was pleased after his exposure: “It’s a dream. You can finally do what you normally do in the shower here and you don’t have to be ashamed of it.”

Hayo wore a bright blue tracksuit and as a mask wore an oversized whistle with big shiny eyes. He couldn’t see under it, he said at the end of the show. That made the performances difficult. “Singing blind is possible, but dancing blind was a bit more difficult.” Still, participating in the show was “great fun.” “I never thought I would enjoy being booed like this,” he said at the end.

A member of the leading tariff team had already tracked down Hayo: According to her own words, Ruth Moschner heard a slight dialect under the mask and therefore suspected the Saarland resident. Her team member Ross Antony dealt with actor and musician Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, while Yvonne Catterfeld suspected footballer Sami Khedira under the costume. Ochsenknecht was also the favorite in the online public vote.

Is Alexander Mazza the Black Mamba?

In “The Masked Singer,” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their identities behind elaborate costumes. Only gradually are they revealed. In the third episode of the current season, the music show started with an innovation: for the first time, several people dressed up on stage at the same time and performed a song together. Black Mamba, Goldi and the Mole showed that they would also work as a boy band. For her solo performance, Black Mamba again put everything to its “hypnotic effect” and chose the Madonna hit “Like a Prayer”.

Ruth Moschner stuck to an assumption. Last week, the rate boss was able to introduce himself to Michael Kessler, because Black Mamba was wearing his red glitter boots again. This footwear could be a reference to the actor and his shoe scene in the movie “Manta, Manta”. Or maybe moderator Alexander Mazza is behind the mask?

In the mole’s case, the question of whether his accent was fake or real had not yet been answered. While Moschner suspected the pronunciation was fake, Ross Antony believed more in an Irish accent that would suit singer Michael Patrick Kelly.

Tooth fairy probably a professional singer

Grumpy, Fluffy and Cute – Goldi still didn’t want to be considered cute and hoped to be voted out by viewers. “Because of the inner hatred, it could be Hans Werner Olm,” speculated Ruth Moschner. “There’s only one that’s so cuddly that you want to sleep with him,” hinted Ross Antony, hoping for actor Simon Pearce behind the mask.

There was also much speculation about masking the werewolf. Yvonne Catterfeld could well imagine “the count” under the fur. According to Moschner, Wolfgang “Wolle” Petry could have disguised himself as a bad wolf. The rate team agreed that the tooth fairy must also be a professional singer.

Robot gets its own name

Ironically, the werewolf and “No Name” made a duet on the “TMS” stage. For this, the unequal couple chose the song “Walk this way”, which included a rap part of the robot. But “No Name” all the time looked forward to just one moment – his baptism. Viewers chose their own name for the robot via the app. The fans chose the name Rosty from 36,000 name suggestions such as Schrauby or Büchsen Bernhard. Baptism, of course, was done with oil instead of holy water.

In total, more than 60,000 votes were cast, according to moderator Matthias Opdenhövel. Rosty was very pleased after the baptism. He was glad he finally had a name, he said. This Saturday, the robot will be on stage for the first time as Rosty.

(This article was first published on Sunday, October 16, 2022.)

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