“The Masked Singer”: The broccoli is revealed first

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“The Masked Singer”
The broccoli is revealed first

She has sweated enough, but in the end it is not enough to move forward. RTL presenter Katja Burkhard gets too few votes for the start of the season of “The Masked Singer” and is unmasked.

TV host Katja Burkard has been revealed as the first celebrity in the new season of the costume show “The Masked Singer”. The 57-year-old – best known from RTL – had to take off her mask at the ProSieben show on Saturday evening because she had received too few votes from the viewers. The host of the lunchtime magazine “Point 12” was in a huge broccoli costume.

“I’m really sad it’s over,” Burkard said after leaving the race show quite early. But the competition was also very strong. In addition, she believes that she has never sweated so much as in her green vegetable costume. As she put it, “I’m broccoli in its own juice.” She was visibly happy when she said that none of her RTL colleagues really knew anything about her participation in “The Masked Singer”.

Celebrities appear as singers on the show, but hide their identities behind elaborate costumes. The stars are revealed as soon as they don’t get enough votes or win at the very end. The seventh season started on Saturday. After the broccoli leaves, a mole, a walrus lady and a scary werewolf are still in the running.

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