“The Lion’s Den”: the wheel has been reinvented

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“The Lion’s Den”
The wheel has been reinvented

Yes, you read that right! In the third episode of “The Lion’s Den” the time has finally come: a founding team from Baden-Württemberg, including a world champion brand ambassador, presents the holy grail of the Gyro Gearloose: the newly invented wheel.

Emotions run high repeatedly in the lion’s den. Already in the first two episodes of the new season, founders and inventions emerged, which amazed everyone present. In the starting series it was Aaron Holzäuer from Berlin, who was just 17 years old and caught everyone’s attention with his innovative bicycle case (“BeeMyBox”), but last week it was 22-year-old nipple pad expert Miriam Weilmünster from Bad Vilbel Highlight booklet in hand . In episode three, it’s the ever-exciting number one question from the number one Gyro Gearloose, which not only engages investors, but visibly upsets them: Can the wheel be reinvented?

“The Lion’s Den” on TV

“The Lion’s Den” airs every Monday at 8:15 PM on Vox. The show can also be seen on RTL+.

The founding team around “trivida” inventor Christian Czapek from Bad Krozingen is still heading for the field when Carsten Maschmeyer waves and greets with a big grin on his face: “We know each other from the sports ball!”, the lion rejoices when he sees 17-time track cycling world champion and two-time Olympic champion Kristina Vogel. The athlete, who is in a wheelchair after a serious accident, is also happy and gets straight to the point: “As a disabled person, one is often deprived of responsibility – not only by circumstances one finds in the outside world. I want to do everyday things alone I want being alone in the shower, alone in bed or on the couch,” explains the former exceptional sports teacher.

“Those real wow moments!”

A conventional wheelchair gets in the way far too often, says Kristina Vogel. Thanks to the world’s first wheelchair bicycle that can be disassembled into three parts, allowing people with disabilities to change position without barriers and safely in and out of a wheelchair, the lives of millions of people should be made easier. It quickly becomes apparent that the founding trio (Dr. Christine Pflaumbaum, Wolf Dietrich Pflaumbaum, and Christian Czapek) and their prominent brand ambassador have something very groundbreaking at the outset. Nico Rosberg thinks the performance is “just brilliant”. King Ralf Dümmel is also blown away: “These are real wow moments!”, applauds the Hanseatic League.

The young founders of NextFolder are working on a revolution in the stapler system - Source RTL Bernd-Michael Maurer.jpg

“NextFolder” has also struck a deal.

(Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

This “great moment in format” (O-Ton Carsten Maschmeyer) must of course be refined with a very special deal. Three interested lions (Dagmar Wöhrl, Nico Rosberg, Carsten Maschmeyer) get together and finally make the founders an offer that cannot be refused. The world stands still for a moment in the lion’s den. Everything that caused joy and disappointment before and after this time fades into the background: Ralf Dümmel invests in a small stapler revolution (“NextFolder”) and Nils Glagau will soon launch skin care cream made from breast milk (“Mémoire”) , while fruity Unfortunately have street food from Colombia (“MangoMates”) and a cat flap with prey detection (“KittyFlap”) failed to convince any of the investors present.

Yes, that’s possible!

The moment revolves around an answer that no one really expected: Yes, you can reinvent the wheel! Those responsible for “trivida” have shown how it can be done. Now the market and the customer only have to keep their doors open. Then millions of people in wheelchairs can soon hope for a more independent future. Not only three visibly happy lions rise from their seats and applaud.

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