“The Lion’s Den” – Round 12: Here Comes “Double Trouble”

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“The Lion’s Den” – Round 12
Here Comes “Double Trouble”

By Kai Butterweck

Natural pesticide remover, bicycle accessories from the 3D printer for the home and two lions attacking as a duo from now on: the first episode of the new season of “The Lion’s Den” raises the entertainment bar high.

The beginning of the twelfth season of “The Lion’s Den” comes with an innovation that makes four of the six predators look a little excited and jealous to the left. Where Ralf Dümmel used to sit, there is a cozy white two-seater sofa on which the Hamburg retail professional and media mogul Georg Kofler makes himself comfortable.

Those familiar with the scene know that the two investors merged their companies a few months ago. Georg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel are now performing as a team for the first time. In addition to some spicy “Muppets Show” statements, beauty queen Judith Williams puts it in a nutshell with slightly puckered eyebrows: “My new nickname for you is Double Trouble!” says the lioness.

The new lion duo does not need much warm-up time to reach operating temperature. After a brilliant first deal from Carsten Maschmeyer, securing the future services of the three credit card revolution leaders Lukas Schmitz, Bernhard Wernberger and Steffen Kirilmaz from Cologne (“PAGOPACE”), as well as the refreshing but ultimately unsuccessful appearance of comedy Newcomer and Falafal expert Amjad Abu Hamid from Bremen (“Mamas Falafelteig”) Goerg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel go full on the offensive when they are thrown by the “Lemonistic” couple Kathrin Alfen and Felix Strohmaier from Aachen.

Ralf Dümmel clenches his fists again

The Lemonist team has a good laugh - Source RTL Frank W. Hempel.jpg

The “Lemonist” team has a good laugh – and a deal.

(Photo: RTL / Frank W. Hempel)

With their natural granules for pesticide removal, the two eco-tinkerers hit the mark. “You are authentic and honest”, Ralf Dümmel praises those responsible for “Lemonist”. A short round of negotiations later (Dümmel and Kofler got 25 instead of the offered 15 percent of the company shares) they finally flicker through the German living rooms again: the clenched fists of Regale king Ralf Dümmel.

But the new format dream couple has not had enough. During the appearance of Steffanie Rainer, who suffers from plastic waste, from Untergruppenbach (“WITHOUTme”), who unfortunately was left empty-handed with her retail refill station, Georg Kofler held back (“That’s a big idea, which unfortunately also a flight is slow and too expensive to realize”). A commercial break later, however, the media mogul from Tyrol and his Hanseatic business partner rub their hands again with anticipation.

youth surveys

“The Lion’s Den” on TV

“The Lion’s Den” airs every Monday at 8:15 PM on Vox. The show can also be seen on RTL+.

At the end of the first episode, a 17-year-old high school graduate from Berlin really blossoms. While other children were busy with building blocks and drawing pads, Aaron Holzhäuer ran through his parents’ living room at a young age with his father’s cordless screwdriver. Meanwhile, the talented inventor has become a gifted inventor who wants to revolutionize the two-wheeler accessories market with his “BeeSafe” bicycle storage box, which he created with his own 3D printer.

“You’re just amazing!” cheers Judith Williams. The other lions present also got a lot of attention at the presentation of the multifunctional box (the lid has an integrated solar module with power bank and USB connections and can also be used as a luggage rack). In the end, all the lions are in the deal boat. It will be tight, especially on the far left, as Carsten Maschmeyer has now also taken place between Georg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel.

Triple bite force

With three times the bite force, the other lions don’t stand a chance. In the obligatory way of thinking, the young founder thinks for a while. But in the end you can’t ignore Carsten Maschmeyer, Ralf Dümmel and Georg Kofler. The last two get their first deal double pack. There are already rumors that a few more will follow.

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