“The Lion’s Den”: Into the Hell of Oblivion

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“The Lion’s Den”
In the hell of oblivion

By Kai Butterweck

In episode six, uncontrollable emotions come down. In the middle of the emotional chaos: Dagmar Wöhrl and Judith Williams. When it comes to dementia, the two lionesses can no longer hold back their tears.

The passionate founder, the innovative product, the seductive perspective, the perfect pitch: on the hunt for the ultimate deal, the lions are confronted week after week with common search patterns. In addition to the standardized format structures, however, the unforeseen occasionally comes into the limelight. This time, suddenly emerging, very personal and deep emotions create an unprecedented atmosphere in the lion’s den.

In episode six, things go as usual. Regal king Ralf Dümmel, for example, closes two new deals. The Hanseatic collaboration machine will soon offer: a nose shaver (“SilkslidePro”) “that allows you to remove nose hair gently, safely and thoroughly in no time without batteries” and a kit for cats (“Catrub”) that can be individually adjusted and is “multifunctional” to bring joy to any cat household.

Nico Rosberg tries out the SilksidePro nasal shaver - Source RTL Bernd-Michael Maurer.jpg

Nico Rosberg and Judith Williams cut their nose hair – sometimes more, sometimes less discreetly.

(Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

Carsten Maschmeyer and Dagmar Wöhrl also have reason to celebrate. Together with the two student nerds and tech inventors Genia Lewitzki and Chuong Nguyen from Essen (“Campus Hero”), the lions embark on a future-oriented campus revolution. The two investors are investing no less than 600,000 euros in an impressive and fascinating communication app for students.

“A funny idea, but nothing more”

In addition to many happy founders, there are of course also a few disappointed inventors. This time, the two “MEMOBILD” executives Hakan and Melike Zirek are on the losing side. The Hamburgers have souvenir photos in their luggage, which, accompanied by personal audio tracks, are intended to ensure that neither the ceremonial “I do” nor the first chatter of the young people is forgotten. “A funny idea, but somehow not more than that,” says Löwin Wöhrl on behalf of all investors present.

However, the mood changes with the arrival of TV dog trainer Martin Rütter and the “Ichó” founders Steffen Preuss, Mario Kascholke, Alkje Stuhlmann and Eleftherios Efthimiadis. The Duisburg quartet has developed a therapy ball equipped with five highly developed sensors that is able to slow down the course of disease in people with dementia. The amazement about the ball that shines in many colors is great. But the problem goes much deeper.

Wöhrl and Williams can no longer hold back the tears

When the well-known four-legged friend reveals his own mother’s passion, Wöhrl has to swallow several times. At some point, nothing works anymore. The lioness stands up in the middle of the field and leaves the studio crying. Seconds later, colleague Williams also gets glassy eyes: “I’ve looked everywhere for help, but I haven’t found anything,” the lioness sobbed.

Wöhrl and Williams inadvertently open their private family book and allow the public a peek behind the glittering facade. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease don’t stop with celebrities and wealth. The viewer experiences a poignant moment of helplessness and powerlessness.

What remains despite the lack of a deal (there are no verifiable studies on the therapy ball yet) is the realization that nothing beats the health and well-being of loved ones. Every three seconds someone in the world gets dementia. Williams and Wöhrl explain that they also have to deal with it in the immediate family circle. Instead of keeping their cool and biting their lips, the two lionesses open their sad hearts. Right now they are building a bridge for millions of people who are also affected.

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