“The Lion’s Den”: Flat Nipples and Cool Socks

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“The Lion’s Den”
Flat nipples and cool socks

By Kai Butterweck

This time in the lion’s den: adhesive nipple covers for braless life, a delicious gin alternative from the deaf community and cozy socks for pain-free walking pleasure. In other words: something for (almost) everyone.

When looking for the next future-oriented collaboration, particularly unusual tinkering is at the top of the list of investors at “Die Höhle der Löwen” (DHdL). But it is not only the product that has to convince the lions. The founder must also fit into the loot scheme. Dagmar Wöhrl, for example, likes to emphasize time and again that the people behind every start-up “come first”. Especially if there is only one person behind a promising project, the lions prick up their ears. This time it is a 22-year-old power woman from Bad Vilbel who amazes all investors in equal measure.

“The Lion’s Den” on TV

“The Lion’s Den” airs every Monday at 8:15 PM on Vox. The show can also be seen on RTL+.

Cosmetics expert Miriam Weilmünster gets straight to the point: “I’ve always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur,” says the lively founder of “NIPPLI”. With a pitch worked out in great detail on the subject of “nipple cover”, the “powerful bundle of energy with great communication” (original sound Carsten Maschmeyer) sets such a huge achievement exclamation that eventually all the lions stretch out their hands and offer their help at. Without the usual “bidder battle” procedure, the investors leave the final decision to the founder. “We are all in love with you!” sighs Judith Williams. Then the Nipple Cover Specialist points her finger in the direction of Carsten Maschmeyer. He jumps out of his seat, as if his wife just got one of the coveted trophies at the Oscars.

“Too much risk and too much capital”

Nico Rosberg does a round in the hopper - source RTL Bernd-Michael Maurer.jpg

Ex-Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg also has fun with the “Hopper”.

(Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

From a little problem solver to a visionary game changer idea, the “Nippli” boards are just out and the lions are already in the fast lane. With their modern designed electric vehicle, the three “Hopper” founders Georg Schieren, Torben Müller-Hansen and Philipp Herrmann finally want to switch to the next start-up gear. Visually reminiscent of a mix of bumper cars and smart brothers, the vehicle immediately grabs everyone’s attention. The pretty impressive driving pleasure in the studio is abruptly cut short when it comes to the pitch details. “We expect the market launch in twelve to eighteen months,” say the founders from Augsburg. The mood is changing, because the aforementioned company valuation of almost eight million euros, as well as the hefty final price of the vehicle (“We plan to go with 7300 euros”) hit the lions on the stomach. Ultimately, it remains (for now) with the ambitious vision. “All in all, that’s too much risk and too much capital,” Nico Rosberg summarizes briefly.

The two kayak fans Constanze Lenau and Daniel Schult (“CLR Outdoor”) are also initially showered with surprised looks. The capitals have developed a backpack that can be transformed into a water-resistant kayak in three minutes. “That’s strong, very strong!” cheers Nico Rosberg. Carsten Maschmeyer is also enthusiastic: “This is an unparalleled creative achievement!”, says the great businessman. But here too appearances are deceiving. Not a single kayak has been sold yet (final price: 1590 euros). The rating is also not without (two million euros). For the lions, these are two imperfections that put an end to the future.

Cheers to the deaf community

For the investors, there should be two more reasons to be happy in two rows of the twelfth DHdL season. Nils Glagau looks forward to working with the first deaf founding team in the show’s history in the future. The “Gin Gillard” chefs Damian Breu and Dominik Nimar as well as interpreter Fabio del Tufo not only convince the Orthomol owner with a touching appearance, but also with their “citrus-containing gin-based spirit”.

The two nature lovers Nadim Ledschbor and Tobias Ross from Hennef are still missing. “Our invention will blow your mind,” promises landscape gardener Tobias. And indeed, the lions are very impressed by the socks they brought with them, which ensure that no dirt or foreign objects get into their shoes. In the end, Regale king Ralf Dümmel and Nils Glagau bicker about the services of the founders of the “socklaender”. After a short advice round, Ralf Dümmel has a lead. “You are a cool duo!” cheers the lion. It is emphasized again: the founder or founders behind the product are the actual main prizes.

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