“The Lion’s Den”: Can the founders find the trigger button?

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“The Lion’s Den”
Can the founders find the trigger button?

By Kai Butterweck

This time, The Lion’s Den is about the following questions: What “triggers” tension in patients at home? “Where to with all that ‘black water’? And who hasn’t completely lost faith in the substitute future of a tasty fisherman?

In physiotherapy, the so-called trigger point treatment is a popular universal weapon in the fight against intense tension. The two physios Jan Winter and Bastian Hehner and their founding partner Lars Meyer now want to make the time-consuming treatment method possible at home. With their expert pitch and the “trigger button” they brought with them, the three “TRIGGid” founders especially impressed Orthomol boss Nils Glagau. But Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel are also visibly impressed and put their heads together with interest.

“The Lion’s Den” on TV

“The Lion’s Den” airs every Monday at 8:15 PM on Vox. The show can also be seen on RTL+.

Jan, Bastian and Lars need 120,000 euros and are offering ten percent of the company’s shares to bring their new tool to market as quickly and as quickly as possible. After a short round of negotiations, agreement was finally reached on a whopping 23 percent of the company’s shares. But the founding trio is now marching into the future with two competent lions (Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel) by their side. Major businessman Carsten Maschmeyer adds briefly to the closing of the deal: “Remember, we are actually three lions. Georg Kofler is not present, but of course he is also on board.”

What to do when the smelly boat tank is full?

Speaking of boats: You can go out to sea from the physio bench. Every year, millions of boating friends big and small are faced with a homemade problem that stinks of heaven. What to do with the smelly toilet water, also called “black water” by experts, when the boat tank is full but the harbor is too far away? The four ‘enteron’ founders Thomas Logical and his children Josephine, Leonard and Jonas have faced this problem. After months of tinkering, the busy family from Kleinmachnow now presents the result, a certified sewage treatment plant for boats and yachts that works completely without chemicals.

Nico Rosberg takes the enteron deal - source RTL Bernd-Michael Maurer.jpg

Nico Rosberg (center) takes the “enteron” deal.

(Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

In addition to the large and a smaller Cube version of their invention, the founders also have a drinking water converter called “aquonic” on offer. For a clean future on the high seas, Carsten Maschmeyer and Nico Rosberg give all available thumbs up: “I own a bio catamaran, know a lot of people in the industry and I think I would be the perfect partner for you,” trumpeted the former world champion Formula 1.

“I’d rather do this alone with you”

Carsten Maschmeyer, on the other hand, is quite relaxed about the decision on the pitch: “I think you have asked about the benefits of working with me and my team,” the big businessman counters with a smile. Soon after, the decision is made. When it is clear that a lion station wagon is not an option in this case (“I’d rather do it alone with you” – quote Nico Rosberg), the founders bring the supposedly “more suitable” investor on board. Nico Rosberg clenches his fists and embarks on the biggest leap of joy since winning the last Formula 1 race in Japan six years ago.

Family entrepreneur Dagmar Wöhrl would also like to jump for joy. After the delightful pitch of the two fish alternatives Martina Kühn and son Alexander (“Taste Like”), the “gripping” lioness garnered applause from all sides. But the journey with the vegan fish replacement products is unlikely to be a walk. The investor, who has “great respect” for any “cold chain” price, knows that too. Still, the conviction wins: “You are brave, so I am brave too,” says Dagmar Wöhrl in a nutshell.

The founders of “BrunchBag” and “OPLE Props” would have been happy with a little more courage from the investors. But neither hip cool bags “for today’s modern woman” nor ventilation systems for costume masks and helmets designed with love for detail, tear the lionesses and lions out of their armchairs.

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