The IDB President’s head is hanging by a thread because of a mess of skirts

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Washington, 23.9. The Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will decide in the coming days whether its President Mauricio Claver-Carone remains in office after the bank’s board requested his dismissal over alleged intimate ties to an underling.

As confirmed to Efe this Friday by a source at the bank, the board on Thursday unanimously requested the American’s dismissal after an investigative firm concluded that Claver-Carone had a close relationship with an IDB employee.

From today through next Tuesday, governors — who are the ones who approve the appointment and dismissal of the president — must vote on whether or not to support Claver-Carone’s resignation from office for violating the Bank Code, which protects intimate relationships between bosses and Forbids people who report directly to them.

The Board of Governors is made up of authorities from the 48 member countries of the IDB, economics and finance ministers or central bank governors.

Although the inquiry, launched after an anonymous complaint, has been ongoing for months, just last Monday the investigative body presented it to members of the Executive Board, which is made up of 14 chairmen and represents the 48 countries that are part of the IDB (Some nations share one Chair).

The report was later submitted to Claver-Carone himself, who continues to maintain his innocence and that there is no evidence to corroborate the relationship.

In statements to Efe this Thursday, the manager criticized the investigation, which he said was “clearly fabricated information”.

Despite the American’s refusal to admit the facts, the board voted unanimously to fire him and asked the governors to begin the process to get him fired.

The source consulted by Efe assures that the report clearly reveals the president’s personal relationship with a worker who has received large salary increases in recent years. “It is clear that even if he says no, the relationship is fully proven,” said the source, who cited some details proving the affair.

Among them the existence of a paper tablecloth written and signed by both of them, a declaration of love that they wrote in a restaurant in Colombia during a work trip and that was evaluated calligraphically by the research company.

Also, the statement of the woman’s ex-husband, who decided to cooperate with investigators and stated that his then-wife’s infidelity to Claver-Carone was the main reason for his divorce.

Claver-Carone, an American of Cuban descent, was appointed head of the IDB in September 2020 at the suggestion of then US President Donald Trump (2017-2021), a decision that caused some controversy as he was the first non-Latin American President .

If the Board of Governors decides to remove him, countries are given 45 days to submit their candidatures, and 60 days later a vote is taken among the candidates. EFE


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