The first week as king: Charles III. travels almost 2500 kilometers

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The first week as king
Charles III travels almost 2500 kilometers

He mourns his mother. But for the new King of England there is hardly a chance of coming back. In just his first week in office, Charles III. more than a dozen official appointments. And his travel pressure is enormous.

Charles III, as the new king, took the first stress test. a week after his mother’s death Elizabeth II is now behind him. On Thursday, he was able to take a deep breath for the first time at his Highgrove estate, when there were no public appointments.

Aside from minor problems with various writing implements, Charles III. firmly mastered the burden of his new position. And that despite the fact that he had to fulfill countless obligations over the past seven days and travel countless miles within Britain.

The “Mirror” lists 13 official events that the monarch has attended since then, nearly two a day. He covered about 1,500 miles (almost 2,500 kilometers).

From Scotland to London and back

Charles was one of the few royals to be in Scotland when the Queen died at Balmoral Castle. The next day he traveled from there to Buckingham Palace in London, where he delivered a televised speech. His official proclamation as new king followed on September 10, on Sunday he received several important statesmen and was also officially proclaimed King of Scotland.

In the new week, September 12, the British Parliament was on his agenda before he and his wife Camilla returned to Scotland that same day, more precisely to Edinburgh. The Queen’s remains had now been taken there. Tuesday was a short stop in Northern Ireland on the program.

The very emotional funeral procession in honor of the Queen followed in London on Wednesday. Joined by the closest circle of the British Royal Family, the Queen’s coffin was taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where it will now rest until the state funeral scheduled for Monday.

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