The departure of Try Guys and Ned Fulmer, explained

The departure of Try Guys and Ned Fulmer, explained

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On Tuesday, popular YouTube group The Try Guys announced they’ve said goodbye to co-creator and executive producer Ned Fulmer. The group shared the announcement on social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, and it concludes a day of intense internet sleuthing, speculation and fan conspiracy.

“Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys,” the statement read. “As a result of a thorough internal review, we see no way forward together. Thank you for your support in navigating this change.”

The group’s Twitter bio has already been updated to remove Fulmer’s handle, and their social media avatars on the brand’s pages have been changed to reflect the group’s Triceratops logo.

Fulmer also shared a statement on social media, confirming suspicions of infidelity. “Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consensual relationship in the workplace,” Fulmer said. “I’m sorry for the pain my actions may have caused the boys and the fans, but especially Ariel. All that matters now is my marriage and my children, and that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

Who are these guys?

The official members of the Try Guys are Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld and, until recently, Ned Fulmer; the four co-founded the group in 2014 when they were employed by BuzzFeed. As part of BuzzFeed’s video operation, the group played a huge role in defining a type of media presence on the Internet. Their whole story is in their name – they would simply “try” things ranging from different foods and sports to simulating labor pain, their most watched video of all time. (2015 was a different time — a time when things felt “radical” rather than “cringe.”)

The formula worked. The Try Guys became incredibly popular and in 2018 they created their own YouTube channel, which now has about 7.8 million subscribers. Their popularity has grown beyond the borders of YouTube; they have published several books, appear in several podcasts and spin-offs, and host a show on the food network.

Their longevity in a now crowded internet video space is truly impressive. Their videos came across as equal parts humorous and relatable. It also helped that each of the guys fell into a popular kind of archetype and spawned their own respective fan bases. Fulmer, in particular, was a great Wife Guy and has even co-authored a cookbook with his wife Ariel Fulmer.

What’s the drama?

On Monday, a Reddit user posted a now-deleted video of a couple cuddling in a NYC bar, on the r/TryGuys subreddit, claiming the two were Fulmer and a producer for Try Guys.

Fans in the subreddit began pointing out Fulmer’s absence in three of Try Guys’ most recent YouTube videos, including “Try Guys Try Stand-Up Comedy,” “Keith Eats Everything at a Vegas Buffet,” and “Try Guys Ruin.” Chocolate Eclairs w/Pro Chefs” – an odd lack of looks, given the show’s typical focus on the group’s rapport. Fulmer had also not appeared on recent podcast episodes or social media marketing for the group.

A Twitter thread posted on Monday sums up the fan-dissected events that seemed suspicious, starting with pointing out those absences and noting that Fulmer had appeared in promotions for the season. Fans also pointed out that Fulmer was present in photos taken during the shooting of the Las Vegas videos, along with other unverified (and invasive) fan claims and rumors. Some fans have even suggested that Fulmer was even edited from footage for Try Guys videos.

In addition, Ariel Fulmer was not present in the previous two episodes of You can sit with usa podcast hosted by the women of The Try Guys.

The quartet of YouTubers have worked together in this tight-knit cast long enough that it’s hard to know if the dynamics will gel with just three cast members, whatever the group’s decision in the future. They built a reputation for being level-headed, approachable, and friendly. It’s hard to know where the group will go from here.

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