‘The Crown’: Photos from the Season 5 Set Show Elizabeth Debicki as Diana

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Fifth season of “The Crown”
Set photos show Elizabeth Debicki as Diana

It won’t be long before the fifth season of “The Crown” is released. Now the first photos are public, on which the actress Elizabeth Debicki can be seen on the set. The 32-year-old embodies the late Princess Diana in the Netflix series.

Attention fans: the fifth season of the Netflix series “The Crown” starts in November. New footage gives a first glimpse of Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Lady Diana. The photos show her in a scene accompanying her eldest son William to enrollment at Eton College. For example, the photos appeared on a Twitter account of fans of the Australian actress.

According to this account, the photos were taken in August, but were held back until the slightly older William and his future wife Kate Middleton were announced. Ed McVey will play William as a young adult, while newcomer Meg Bellamy will play young Kate.

Father and son star in “The Crown”.

The creators of the “crown” accurately recreated the clothes of the princess. Debicki wears an azure jacket over a short, tight black dress. Several outlets, including People magazine, showed the resemblance by placing images of the real Diana from the event next to the set photos.

Young William can also be seen in the new set photos. Senan West plays the then 13-year-old prince. West is pictured next to his father, Dominic West. He is also his father in the series, he embodies Prince Charles.

The fifth season of The Crown will premiere on Netflix in November 2022. It is supposed to depict the years between 1990 and 1997, the year of Lady Di’s death.

(This article was first published on Tuesday, September 06, 2022.)

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