The conversation that changed everything and the global star they compare him to: the complicated beginnings of Gonzalo Morales, Boca Juniors’ new gem

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Gonzalo Morales became a Boca Juniors hero when he converted Boca Juniors' winning goal against Vélez Sarsfield at the Bombonera last Sunday
Gonzalo Morales became a Boca Juniors hero when he converted Boca Juniors’ winning goal against Vélez Sarsfield at the Bombonera last Sunday

“Parents’ accompaniment meant that Gonzalo did not return from Boca at the age of 13.”

Piero Foglia is one of the discoverers of Gonzalo Morales, the new jewel of the lower Boca Juniors. The coach was the one who brought him to Xeneize when he was 12, aged ninth league. That bullas the 19-year-old, who was born in Atalaya, Córdoba, is called, comes from the conversion Victory goal against Velez Sarsfieldthe last Sunday in the Bombonera, which brought him three important points for the team led by Hugo Ibarra to lead the Professional League alone.

The winning goal against Vélez Sarsfield.

“He’s a modern striker. Bridging differences and not comparing them It’s Salah style.” comments in dialogue with Great sports radio through Radio Villa Trinidad. FogliaWho was he Discoverers of Julián Álvarez before they took him to River PlateIn addition to his work as a supervisor and in the scouting area, he is the sporting director of Club Deportivo Atalaya.

Of course not everything was easy in the life of Gonzalo Morales and this is how Piero explains it. “I remember it Because of his age, he found it difficult to adapt. It wasn’t easy in the first year. He wanted to return to Cordoba. The uprooting was not easy for Gonzalo. It was important to him that the family did not return because they began traveling to help him adjust. There were a lot of talks with him and also with Coqui Raffo – Boca’s coordinator – because these big clubs need a quick adjustment, otherwise they’ll look for other players. At that time, even from Boca, they entered a zone of doubt and said “Better go home before he stays and suffers”continued his discoverer.

That bull He made his Premier League debut just ten days ago, beating Godoy Cruz for 21st place in the Professional League. He entered the complement from the bench, as did five days later in the clash against Quilmes for the quarter-finals of the Argentine Cup, where he scored his first goal and was voted a character. Then, last Sunday, he was picked again by Hugo Ibarra to open a very difficult game against Vélez. And Morales did not disappoint. He scored the winning goal that could be crucial in winning the championship.

The viral photo of Toro Morales with his idol Pipa Benedetto
The viral photo of Toro Morales with his idol Pipa Benedetto

“The fact that Gonzalo was a ball catcher was a great motivation for him. That helped him a lot and with the support of his parents he started to feel supported.” Piero told Benedetto in reference to the viral photo of him as a child with Pipa.

“I remember his attitude when he wanted to return home. When you’re not doing well in a place, he started magnifying what was happening to him. For example: if the food was more or less, he said it was ugly and so on, he got it all wrong. I tried to make him understand that he should try to the end because it’s his future. He didn’t cry but showed he wanted to come back when his performance faltered and he lost joy. That’s what happens when you think about something else.”

Gonzalo Morales began to repay with goals the faith Ibarra placed in him, who knew him well from reserves where he scored 19 goals in 50 games, and also became the current top scorer of the side that leads the table with 8 calls . The Cordovan from Atalaya, who was highlighted by this medium at the end of 2021 when he had to play the fifth division final, signed his first professional contract last August (until December 2026).

Gonzalo Morales signed his first professional contract last August, which runs until December 2026
Gonzalo Morales signed his first professional contract last August, which runs until December 2026

“From Boca they told us that they didn’t see it well. So that we have reached the end of 2017 and coqui Raffo warned me about the situation they were experiencing with Gonzalo – that he wasn’t adapting – and I told him to leave him for another year and he will certainly give you positive answers because the adaptation is already over. I don’t want to question Coqui either because it’s a natural action when you see a player who isn’t comfortable and it’s best that he goes back to his natural place. I only knew him a little bit and I knew I had to have a little patience with him,” he recalled.

Through goals and great performances Recognized by the technical staff of the U20 national team youth team, Moralito trained several times at the Ezeiza venue. He was even allowed to play friendlies. He started out as a liaison in his career, but his ability to hit the target and his nose drove him forward. And with great success, Foglia continues.

The word of Javier Morales, the character of Boca Juniors against Quilmes

Finally, Foglia provided details on what kind of striker Morales is. “He’s a modern striker It’s not the strikers in the penalty area that affect the centre-backs. With us he was a creative midfielder and at Boca he was fired because of his punching power as a striker. It has good definition and modern. I don’t want to go into comparisons, but at Salah’s style, like the internal players, play on the outside and are not positional. His greatest virtue is working in front of goal.”

The alternatives of the meeting in Mendoza


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