Tenth Season Coming: “Sing My Song” Stars Known For The Anniversary

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Tenth season is coming
“Sing my song” stars known for the birthday

The tenth season of the popular Vox show “Sing mein Song” will start in the spring of 2023. The Cologne broadcaster has now announced the musical guests of the anniversary edition. In addition to faces already known from the show, there are also two newcomers.

“Sing my song” is one of the most popular music shows in Germany and will soon be on its tenth round on Vox. The broadcaster has now announced the participants in the anniversary season, which will start next spring. The music-loving TV viewers can look forward to some returnees and familiar faces. Pop singer and songwriter Johannes Oerding will once again host the show. It’s the third time for him.

In addition to 40-year-old Silbermond frontwoman Stefanie Kloß, singer Clueso, Nico Santos and LEA also return. Brand new this season are rapper Montez and indie pop singer Alli Neumann. Musical variety is again provided.

As usual, after each show, the documentary “The Story” is shown, which provides personal insights into the lives of the “Sing mein Song” artists. “Prominent!” presenter Laura Dahm then meets the musicians behind the scenes of the show.

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