Technical director Gerardo Martino claims that Colombia didn’t wipe out Mexico

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While acknowledging mistakes and messes, Argentina’s technical director Gerardo el ‘Tata’ Martino assured that the Mexico side had not been ‘wiped out’ by Colombia in their 3-2 defeat in Qatar 2022 pre-season game.

“I don’t think they wiped us out, we weren’t focused. We can’t make mistakes and mess up, we have to keep control of the game,” said ‘Tata’ Martino at the post-match press conference at Levi’s Stadion.

The Mexican team went into the break with a 2-0 lead on the scoreboard. “We had a great first half at a very good level, the best in four years,” said Martino.

“The second goal was impressive quality and we could have scored another goal,” said ‘Tata’.

But in the second half, Colombia came from behind to turn the game around. “The rival comes into play with a stopped ball and not because we fell behind, but with a stopped ball and we have to correct that,” stressed Martino.

After conceding three goals in the second half, the Mexico coach realized that his team “must learn to persevere and lead those passages where the rival’s players show their quality and hierarchy on the pitch”.


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