Susana Baca was brought to tears by the well-deserved reception she had at La Gran Estrella.

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Susana Baca breaks down in tears after a well-deserved reception at La Gran Estrella. | American television.

The presence of Suzanne Baka on the set of “The Big Star” sparked more than one emotion from those in attendance as Gisela Valcárcel highlighted the singer’s successful musical career, having won three Latin Grammys throughout her career.

When the extraordinary performer was introduced, everyone present, candidates, jury and audience rose to applaud the great singer. “The applause of the queens, that’s the applause of the audience, that’s the applause of the jury, and that, my beautiful lady, my applause,” said the “Señito”.

The words of Gisela Valcarcel and the respect that the other artists have shown the greats Suzanne Baka shuddered and burst into tears at the reception. “I am very moved by this reception, well I have no words,” he said through tears.

Likewise, the blonde TV presenter gave her a hug and highlighted the talent that has been exuberant for years. “When I was a girl, when I started out in the TV world, I couldn’t afford that luxury, they always told me to hurry up and sell fast. At this point in my life today, I have the luxury and blessing of applauding a great man,” he added.

On the other hand, to the “queens” who were on the set, he put as a reference Suzanne Baka so that they can achieve the desired international success as she has won several awards and has been honored with three Latin Grammy.

“Look at how she’s a Grammys winner, a Peruvian of ours. They say we always have to follow an example, and every time I thought of Susana Baca, I thought of her sweet smile and incredible talent,” he said.

End, Gisela Valcarcel announced that Suzanne Baka She was again nominated for a Latin Grammy, for which she asked for unconditional support.

In 2021 Susana Baca, Wendy Sulca and Marie Cherry started "mountain woman" to denounce gender-based violence.
In 2021, Susana Baca, Wendy Sulca and Marie Cherry launched Woman Mountain to denounce gender-based violence.

Suzanne Baka She admitted in an interview with Infobae that she felt left out because she was a woman, black and poor because doors were closed to her for a long time, so she had to insist on getting a “yes” and having more opportunities .

“I felt left out because I’m a woman, black and poor, for everything. I often knocked on doors. It was my time of “no” and insisting on “yes”. That is, the times he came back and insisted and insisted. The most important thing is to believe in what you are doing. If they ignore you, it doesn’t matter, you keep going and going until someone notices and listens to you,” he said.


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