“Summer House of the Stars” – prelude: When Schatzi makes fun of herself, except for the Buxe

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Men don’t take off anything, girlfriends scold and Mario Basler comfortably blows the smoke from his fluppe into the Bocholt evening air. Curtain up for the new chaos flat share!

What, another year has passed? Yesterday we saw – at least felt – Mola Adebisi, Mike Cees and Jana Pallaske in the “Summer House of the Stars”. The bunks aren’t freshly made yet and new guests are already arriving – all from A-list celebrities, of course. Wonderful weeks are ahead! Days when such poetic phrases fall as: “I wanted to marry you? I must have been full!” Or, “I’m always there for her, even when I poop.”

Let’s approach the eight pairs carefully. Mario Basler and his girlfriend Doris are starting this year. The ex-footballer does not want to marry her yet, but the two also harmonize without a marriage certificate. Plus, Doris usually knows where Basler’s flops are! Both are real team players. So they are the first couple to move to the Bocholt-Butze, but wait until the end with the bed selection, until the new staff is complete.

Every year the same question: Who are these people? But wait, you should already know the single farmer Patrick and his Antonia, who say of themselves that they look “like Barbie and Ken”! Just like the 41-year-old DSDS Pfiffi Cosimo Citiolo, who has his Nathalie in tow. Cosimo is also a man of great words. First, tell your loved one that the air in the country smells like “if you fart sometimes”.

Eric Sindermann, tears and going to the toilet

One after another, the newcomers arrive: Stephen Dürr and his wife Katharina, a Youtuber with his influencer girlfriend, who is of course known from Insta, as well as the big trash TV queen Kader Loth and her jeweler Ismet, named Isi. The YouTube couple in particular is wonderfully blasé: they say in complete hubris that they have no competition in the “summer house”.


Towards new seriousness: Eric Sindermann.

The new housemates are sitting on the porch at the table where Georgina Fleur begged her “Kubi” for kisses and Roben’s beet turned alarmingly red from the drink. Props for the RTL cutter: Basler feels like smoking in a tour. In the chaos, this always has such a calming and harmonious effect that as a viewer you can imagine that these scenes would have an epic character if accompanied by classical music.

Problem Bears in Show 1: Eric Sindermann and his “Katha”. The two probably agreed in advance that the man, who reportedly already had “500 wives”, knows how to behave on TV. He wanted to be serious and polish his current image. And what is the best way to do this? Right! By jumping into the pool naked and having the woman of your heart escort you to the bathroom, where you ask her to imitate “beeps” or else you won’t be able to pee. Eric’s toilet curtain stays open, of course, that’s for sure.

Deeper than the Mariana Trench

The feelings between the disharmonious couple surface very quickly. Soon the first big tears flow, and the viewer immediately notices: their problems lie only slightly deeper than the Mariana Trench. “Katha,” it’s said, could be tolerated by Eric, though she’s rich — he in turn thinks, “I’ve never had a woman bring me down like you did.” In addition, there is “all the pressure” that the clever “Katha” is exposed to, because within minutes it turned out that Schatzi is an official “disgrace”. Very serious question: Doesn’t that already say a look at his robe? But maybe this sight of poor “Katha” literally burned her eyes out a long time ago.


A Man and His Fluppe – Mario Basler.

Everyone sniffs at each other a bit, Dürr and his wife have the feeling that they “cannot compete with the others” and one vain rooster crows louder through Wallachia than the other. Fortunately, a couple, the footballer Sascha Mölders and his wife Yvonne, arrive late and breathe a sigh of relief.

What else happened:

Kader apparently sleeps without removing makeup, Eric Sindermann wants to be funny, but again puts his foot in his mouth and DSDS-Cosimo discovers in the height game that the world suddenly looks from above “as if it were round”. At some point on this beautiful second day, von Loth offered free therapeutic advice for Sindermann’s “Katha”. Under no circumstances should she allow herself to be “instructed” and “humiliated in public” by a poorly dressed man who walks around with a crown on his head. So the disgraced Dr. Kader and reveals that Eric “took it apart because I said I’m not doing this”.

Such Sindermann pods fall like: “If we enter the summer house, we will live on it for the rest of our lives”. It’s no wonder the girlfriend wants to “tear her sweetheart so sick in the ass” given such a lack of reality.

According to the mood barometer, the Dürrs should go after the first episode. There is mainly disharmony, but that does not matter, because there are plenty of butts. The best contribution during the high game, which at the same time probably speaks from the heart of most couples, comes from Mario Basler: “Can we give up? I’m dying!”

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