“Summer House of the Stars” – Episode 8: “I Can’t Do Anything!”

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The Baslers go home, the newcomers are already dreaming of sex and Stephen Dürr has a stomachache. Cosimo is concerned because he no longer wants to be on the losing side. Maybe with “bite” from the farmer he can “take a slice”.

“Pimmel tattoos, nipple piercings…”: What kind of conversations do the “Island Gang” have? The new ones have divided the group. Stephen finds it hard work there for two weeks and then latecomers just come in and take everything for themselves. It’s not bad enough that the first residents wonder where RTL just “picked up” these people and who probably only ended up in the summer house because of their cheap compensation, no Patricks Antonia also thinks the bastards are “not of our level”.

Super Mario doesn’t care much for that kind of chatter. He has other problems. The body doesn’t want what Basler wants. It pulls and stings everywhere. The hoped-for miracle that the old bones would crack less after a night’s sleep did not materialize. Although Mario can still put on his flippers on his own, he can no longer put on his socks. Time to go! Thanks RTL for the “great life experience”!

It’s the last few meters before the grand finale when the Baslers voluntarily pack their bags or, as Christina would say, “Hey, dude!” The viewer would also like to shout this out loud towards the ceiling, because he just can’t stand how many times Stephen Dürr mentions “can’t poop”. Gastrointestinal. Happened. The actor cries, drinks tea and – cries again. Maybe if he says “poo” often enough, he thinks the long-awaited trip to the toilet is getting closer. Stephen, “dude!”, that’s too much information.

“What is Geography?”

Kurzweil brings the bike game “Auf Abwegen”. You don’t know how to spell chlamydia, Cosimo berates himself for not wanting to be a loser for the rest of his life, and Stephen is crying again because he – yes – we know now! The game is won by Marco and his Christina, who immediately “make the pawns unsafe”.

Otherwise, the eighth episode is saturated with nagging about the lost “flair” in the house. Ah, those were the days you spent all night philosophizing about good Chianti about Nietzsche and our solar system! And now there’s a Vanessa Mariposa who is almost 30 years old and asks, “What is geography?” But she’s an ace at biology! In her advanced course: “Sex in the Storage Room”, Mariposa gets all the marks.

If there’s no complaint about the lack of flair, then about the newcomers, who have gradually become tired of the mob plagued behind their backs. It is really beautiful how Dürr’s wife first chats with the newcomers, and then picks up the conversation on Antonia. You have to stick together now: them or us.

“Fuck the career!”

Speaking of Antonia: We were so excited about Eric Sindermann over the past few weeks! The way Farmer Patrick puts his girlfriend down is extremely uncomfortable. So her instructions in the game “Thin board drill” were again “for an asshole”. Please don’t always act “like a child” and more “like a woman”. That’s what the “Jedi” just expects from a partner who wants to be his equal. During one tour, Antonia babbles at Stenz’s mouth, wishing she would finally learn “a piece” of his talent and wisdom.

Patrick is still one of the old guard, someone who is “cool” and “bites”. There is hardly anything like this anymore! After the meal, the pasha gets up from his chair, burps through the kitchen like a prole and has his partner do the dishes, as befits a real man.

The Dürrs end up on the hit list this time. They must face each other with Cosimo and his lover in an “exit challenge”. Too much for the good-natured Italian, who has been on the losing side all his life. It is clear that the stone from the Neckar is “completely screwed up” by this decision. It’s enough for him: “It’s over for me! I swear on my words, I don’t need this dirty money! Fuck your career!”

Will he also voluntarily leave the house so shortly before the semi-final? We shall see. Finally, let’s take a look at the smug, thin-borer Patrick, who continues to belittle his Antonia. Why isn’t the blonde a female version of his alter ego, he wonders in his boundless self-love. Her short answer to his rhetorical question: “I can’t do anything!”

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