“Summer House of the Stars” Episode 5: The Show’s Mountain Festival Turns into a Disaster

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Farmer Patrick embarrasses his girlfriend, Eric Sindermann is declared crazy and a new couple moves into Germany’s most famous shared flat. It’s a mountain festival in the summer house. And that will be a disaster!

Cosimo recently said he regrets that this year’s Sommerhaus season has been way too focused on the squabbles between Eric Sindermann and his “Katha”. Meanwhile, there is a mountain party in the couples’ well-known and infamous apartment share, and the king and his now-deceased analyst are still THE subject. If they don’t squabble, Eric is eager to please “Katha” in front of the camera and can’t understand why such an idea is not in her best interests, after all, the 27-year-old would have sex in front of the camera “TV – make history”.

The man with the cardboard crown on his head tries to get as much “airtime” for himself as possible. And how can such a project best succeed? By provoking Mario Basler. But he sees through the show of the “wrong dog” one fix three and prefers to light the next fluppe at his leisure, while “the poor light” continues to grumble that Basler is “a failed existence”: “I’m on my way to upstairs, you’re on your way down.” Then the DFB Cup winner and former football player in the German national team: “What do you think, how people laugh at you outside! What I have achieved in my life, you must be born six times.”

Episode 5 in “Summer House of the Stars” is the episode where it “gets really dirty”. And that does not mean the “exit challenge” between the Dürrs and Kader and their “Isi”. Loth and her husband have no chance against “the structured actors” and have to leave the field. But as you know it from any coveted condo share, it doesn’t take long before new residents are found in the beds that have become empty. Hello, dear Christina and dear Marco, welcome to the madmen!

“With Idiots in the World”

There isn’t an episode that isn’t extremely unappealing. Stinky Boots of the Day: Farmer Patrick who unmasks his girlfriend Antonia during a tour. It’s not enough to gossip behind her back, not being willing to move in with her because you don’t want to play “Kasper” for 24 hours – no: the blonde’s intelligence is also questioned. Moreover, time and again anger at Antonia’s appearance. The crackpot actually pushes up his “project” pants to expose her bum and laugh dirty at the same time.

The “Parking” game isn’t very entertaining either, as the viewer has to watch the farmer yell over and over at his increasingly desperate girlfriend. Even when she bursts into tears, he does not rest: “My goodness, how can you be so stupid? (…) I am with idiots in the world!” Then poor Antonia: “Stop insulting me!” The new housemates win the parking game, although the good farmer can even drive a “40-ton truck”.

Anyone who thinks that this day will be a quiet evening is wrong. Because Sindermann is planning the “revolution” against Super Mario and his entourage. But “Katha” doesn’t follow. She only wants one night of rest, one night without a fight: “Please don’t do that!”

“You don’t want to end up like Mike Cees”

But the fashionfuzzy thinks his girlfriend doesn’t understand how reality TV’s mechanics work: “You wouldn’t have come here without me!” And he really means it when he adds, “You have to show some backbone sometimes!” Which means “Katha” should love it when “the whole atmosphere gets mixed up” and it rattles and pops during dinner.

Not wanting to “chill” at all and “Katha” finally gets out of the tense situation because of the whipped mood, Eric suddenly wants to pack his bags and – move! His girlfriend is something of ‘wrong’, he says loudly.

The drama takes its course. Now the group that has set itself the task of punishing such provocative mob with ignorance can no longer look the other way. “You don’t want to end up like Mike Cees,” Cosimo tries to calm the bully.

Mario calls the child by his name: “I’ll tell you what you are: bottom drawer!” And Sascha Mölders, who wisely advises “Katha” to “please don’t get choked up like that”, also classifies the recent escapade psychologically: “He’s mentally unsound!” Until now, King Bangbag still assumed he was “on his way to the top”! Dear RTL, be careful: there is a risk that the viewer will get an overdose of Eric Sindermann! Fix it, quick!

(This article was first published on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.)

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