“Summer House of the Stars” – Episode 2: “Men Are Nothing But Lap Dogs”

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Erogenous zones, cute dachshund looks and missing extensions: this time around, the summerhouse is all about relationship questions. For example: When was the last time you bought me flowers? It follows Basler at his best: “There ham’wa still had DM!” The second episode was so colorful.

The first morning coffee is not quite in the bloodstream yet, when the first small problems of the summer chaos crew come to light: Cosimo’s panties seem to be even tighter than they already were overnight, Eric Sindermann calls for a ” business meeting ” auf dem Lokus and “die Dürrs” are still shocked that they put “half the people” on the chart.

So what better way to greet the new day than with sports, fun and games? Preferably one where Schatzi and Mausi can show how well they know each other. As the lovely lady hangs from a turntable and is pulled through smelly chimneys, he must answer “relationship questions” correctly. Butter to the fish: what are these questions, please? When was the first date? When and where was the first kiss? What is the color of your partner’s eyes? Nobody remembers such trifles! It is important to know that your loved one’s erogenous zone is on your “Ursula”.

Outstanding in the game are the memorizers Sindermann and his “Katha”, the Mölders and the Baslers. Because Mario knows exactly when he last bought his Doris flowers: “There ham’wa still had DM!”

Love whisperer Cosimo and sucked bananas

“Summer House of the Stars” – Episode 2: This is also the episode where the love whisperer Cosimo tenderly announces that he has never heard of the “missionary position” and Marcel Dähne thinks of a young, but no less crazy version of Jack Torrance alias Jack Nicholson recalled in The Shining. Is our RTL also quite sure that there is no ax on the farm?

You should also know how to rate squads in episode 2. Because her statements, at least at the beginning, are annoying: “Men are nothing more than lap dogs, you have to treat them really shitty, then they really run after you. ” At some point, as a woman, you’re just a “sucked banana” for men. In fact, Loth’s aphorisms are warnings not to pick a mate with tomatoes on your eyes.

Kader’s cries from Cassandra arrive too late for ‘Katha’ and Eric. The two are in full swing and tear each other apart emotionally. The analyst complains in front of an audience of millions that the walking cardboard crown doesn’t even know when it’s her birthday, while he in turn feels pilloried by her. “Katha” is not the angel she imagines herself to be. Either way, as a couple, the two seem about as harmonious as hemorrhoids. Yet they do not shy away from truthfully answering love questions: “Why am I ashamed of you?” Answer: “Poo!”

While the farmers claim to find the two “completely toxic”, Eric sounds upset like Michael Douglas in “A Fateful Affair”: “She blackmails me all the time!”

“It’s possible my carotid artery is bursting!”

But all that is nothing compared to the dramatic events yet to happen in Episode 2. Frames Extensions say goodbye. The 49-year-old has to pick up whole clumps of fake lead from the bathroom floor. The shock is deep. Dear RTL, can you re-record this scene, please? Best paired with a cult quote from Basler: “It’s possible my carotid artery will burst!

Unfortunately, the “Beastly Blind” obstacle course, which has been so popular in recent years, is turning into a no-starter. Dressed in hilarious costumes, the stars go in search of the heart of their loved one, but most of them leave the game. Or to put it in the words of Neckar-Checker Cosimo: “Since I smoked shisha for a few years, it has been difficult in terms of condition.”

The Dürrs win the game, but that can’t improve the atmosphere between Stephen and Mario. It’s a bit bitter to see how much the actor tries in vain to break the ice between him and the ex-footballer. Okay, Basler is blowing up a little too much, but dear Mario: Didn’t you really feel that sweet skinny Dachshund look?

The Youtuber Marcel and his beloved Lisa are the first to fly out of the summer house. Reason: “the high flight” of the 28-year-old. After six votes against himself, Dähne is approachable and injured in moving scenes. Tears roll down his cheeks and he needs comfort. And that’s the sad thing about people whose world is largely defined by social media and the motto: be cool, be beautiful, be strong. The greatest strength is showing yourself as you are, especially in weak moments.

Too bad that Marcel only revealed this emotional vulnerability to the viewer when his fate in the summer house was already sealed. In the end, true humanity brings the most sympathy.

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