“Summer House” – Episode 3: “Complete Trash!”

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Kader thinks of nouns and hat racks, the farmer tears his shirt like a movie and Eric Sindermann is afraid of being considered the successor to Andrej Mangold and Mike Cees: “I’m not a monster!

But a lot is brewing in the air of beautiful Bocholt. The kicked out Youtubers don’t wish Super Mario good morning, even though he “could be their father at 53 years old”. And the group dynamic weakens even more when “the stubborn kids” declare, before finally closing the garden gate behind them for good, that almost all summer house dwellers are “complete junk.”

To brighten the mood, it wouldn’t be a big deal if something happened that, in Ismet’s words, “happens physically.” Preferably a game in which an old car hangs in the air on ropes and the participants have to free it from the dried mud until the old paint reveals a few beautiful letters that result in a searched solution word. Framework points out the first shortcomings of the task. The cleaning sponges are on the parcel shelf. “What is a parcel shelf?” Nobody knows such technical terms!

Everyone happily scrubs the body, the single farmer rips his shirt ready for the movie and Cosimo wishes his girlfriend to please “think logically”, after all she is “German” and he is “Italian”. After the first letters have been scratched out, it is clear: the solution word must be something with a Z. Cigarettes? Mario, please! “Train Ride!” “But that’s two words!” exclaims Doris. Then the Chuck Norris of German spelling: “Then just write it together!” Hach, if Kader only knew what a noun is, she could just suggest a train ride to Mario as the solution word, but there isn’t enough time for that much “affection”.

“Ruined by Death!”

In episode 3, Basler confronts his fear of heights and jumps down, Kader folds his “Isi” quite heavily and in the end the farmer and his farmer’s wife – also known as “The Beauty and the Brain” – or like Cosimo the lost “Scratch” win . -off game” would mean “bruised to death!”

This also seems to be the relationship between Eric Sindermann and his analyst. She keeps snapping at him as he reveals that she’s not as innocent as she pretends to be. “Katha” knows exactly how things work in the show industry. She hangs out at celebrity parties and, even before her relationship with him, “celebrities hung on their ass.”

Maybe it’s just “wrong cut” again. But the viewer sees more of a goofy Sindermann and a latent passive-aggressive analyst who is clearly so triggered by her boyfriend’s every sentence that it escalates emotionally. Is that tactic? Eric has long since succumbed to the fear of ending up with all the “lies” like Andrej Mangold or Mike Cees. They were also “dead”. “She portrays me as a monster, but I’m not a monster. (…) She’s not the angel, she wants to be close to celebrities, but wants to present herself as a normal woman of the people. That makes me throw up!”

yes baby drama

Katha, meanwhile, claims she was told she would “never be able to hold a leadership position” in her job as an analyst if she moved into the summer house. She only did this because Eric was “devastated”. It was also his fault that she was “no longer presentable” in society.

Everything is getting better! Sindermann is also guaranteed to be responsible for factory farming, fish kills and the fact that minors in Africa have to mine coltan so that the analyst can open a WhatsApp group via smartphone. yes baby drama

Time for Mario to take the stress out of the house and cook delicious meatballs! Speaking of delicious food, in the game “Tischlein Deck dich” the candidates have to answer questions or eat some pretty disgusting things like onion lard in vanilla sauce. Cosimo and his partner try to “get out of the club of the losers and into the club of the winners” through the food game. See, most of them aren’t even that good at answering the questions. “What is the meaning of toleration?” “Isi” wants to know from Kader. Although she knows “the word constant”, she has “never heard of a noun”.

Before you get the “kickdown for the rest of your life” like “Isi”, think about what a “noun” might have to do with math and then just “tolerate” all this “complete junk” is.

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