“Stick to every word”: Book by TV police officer “Toto” employs the supervisory authority

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“stand by every word”
Book by TV police officer “Toto” employs the supervisor

In his latest book, TV cop “Toto” whispers currents to him and claims to have “stepped on the toes of some high-ranking cops”. A state office is now also interested in the factory and is contacting the responsible police headquarters.

The new book by police officer Torsten Heim, who became known through the TV program “Toto & Harry”, has called the personnel department of the police. The National Office for Training, Secondary Education and Human Resources (LAFP) in North Rhine-Westphalia is in contact with the police headquarters in Bochum: “The contents of the book are (service) checked by law,” said a LAFP spokesperson. However, it is unclear whether the tests are directed against the author or relate to the events described.

In the book, ex-TV police officer “Toto” describes – with a co-author – his life and operations that have not become public. But there are also curiosities: many years ago, for example, he had to drive a retired superintendent at home in a patrol car to the toilet.

In one chapter of the book, Heim answers readers’ questions. Using the time of the reality TV series, Heim then reports on internal police intrigue and harassment. With his easy tongue, he probably “stepped on the toes of some high-ranking police officers,” Heim said in the book. He speaks of “flowing” to him and writes: “But as is known, the scores will be settled at the end. I can only say to the seniors: we are far from done. I still have a few months.”

The WAZ told Heim that his regular working hours would last until February 2024. He wanted to finish them neatly and with commitment at the guard and exchange service at the southeast station in Bochum. As for the critical passages in his book, “Toto” told the WAZ, “I stand behind every word.”

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