Special birthday present: will Michelle Hunziker be a grandmother in January?

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Special birthday present
Will Michelle Hunziker be a grandmother in January?

We’ve known for two days that Aurora Ramazzotti is expecting a child. But now it gets a little more specific. So the date of birth should already be in January. Just in time for her 46th birthday, Aurora’s mother Michelle Hunziker would become a grandmother for the first time.

No, so far there has been no official confirmation or denial. Neither Aurora Ramazzotti nor her mother Michelle Hunziker would comment when asked. The rumor has been circulating without comment since Tuesday, according to which the two have every reason to be happy. Ramazzotti because she is expecting a child for the first time. And Hunziker, because it’s her first grandmother.

Well, Aurora Ramazzotti lost at least a few cryptic words after her alleged pregnancy became known in an Instagram story: “I don’t want to talk about anything because every word is just a rumor for those who don’t want to understand.”

Mediocre. Although some are probably still trying to understand this statement, the Italian magazine “Chi” adds another detail about the alleged joy of the baby in the house of Ramazzotti-Hunziker: the date of birth is in January.

In other words, the baby would arrive just in time for Grandma’s birthday. Michelle Hunziker turns 46 on January 24. Or young. As you wish.

Baby belly not recognizable

However, the most recent photos of Aurora Ramazzotti do not yet show a baby bump. If the child is actually born within four to five months, the 25-year-old shouldn’t be able to hide it for too long.

Aurora Ramazzotti stems from Hunziker’s marriage to singer Eros Ramazzotti, which lasted from 1998 to 2009. However, the couple broke up in 2002. Hunziker entered her second marriage to fashion heir Tomaso Trussardi. With him she had two more daughters. They broke up in early 2022.

Goffredo Cerza would be the father of the child Aurora Ramazzotti would have. The two have been in a relationship for about five years.

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