‘Some Moments Get You’: The Royals Return to the Spotlight

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“Some Moments Get You”
The royals are back in the spotlight

The British royal family is still in the self-imposed period of mourning after the death of the Queen. Nevertheless, Prince William and Princess Kate, but also Princess Anne, now dare to take a step back in the public eye, even if it is difficult.

After the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at the beginning of the week, the British royal family withdrew for the time being as part of a period of mourning. This is actually valid until Monday. Yet Prince William and Princess Kate have now reappeared at a public appointment.

In Windsor, the couple thanked the volunteers who had organized the funeral of the monarch who died in a short time on September 8. Both chose black outfits for their visit to the Windsor Guildhall: Kate appeared in a noble coat dress with gold buttons from Dolce & Gabbana. William wore a simple suit with a white shirt and tie.

Despite their period of mourning, the two continued to smile at the volunteers as they expressed their gratitude and appreciation. Moments of sadness would “catch” him again and again, William gave insight into his inner life. “You are prepared for anything, but some moments you get it,” he quotes the Daily Mail as saying. The 40-year-old also revealed that Kate was “amazed” at the enormous compassion following the Queen’s death.

Princess Anne in Portsmouth

But the heir apparent and his wife aren’t the only royals to reappear after Elizabeth II’s state funeral. Princess Anne, daughter of the late monarch and sister of the new King Charles III, also had a first public meeting.


Princess Anne visited members of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

(Photo: dpa)

As Commander in Chief of Portsmouth, she paid a visit to Portsmouth Naval Base to thank the members of the Royal Navy who had taken part in the funeral procession with the Queen’s coffin.

Photos show Anne dressed in a black pantsuit. She gently shakes hands with the relatives and sometimes even gives them a small smile.

Anne’s brother, Prince Edward, was due to go to Paderborn on Friday. The British embassy announced that it wanted to visit the British armed forces stationed there and sign the city’s Golden Book. Charles, in turn, would have retired to Scotland for a break. In 2002, he inherited a cottage on the royal Balmoral Estate, where he vacationed regularly.

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