Some Cali directors wanted to remove Máyer Candelo from the first game

After coach Máyer Candelo’s split from his position as an employee of Club Deportivo Cali became official, they began dating Details on the former soccer player’s relationship with the Valle del Cauca team’s board of directors and the way he relieved Venezuelan Rafael Dudamel in one of the worst historic seasons for the Verdiblanco side during his time in Colombian professional football.

At this point, Deportivo Cali is still trying to recover from the incident that catapulted Máyer’s career as a strategist for the sugar team following the unfortunate acts of violence at the stadium on Wednesday afternoon, September 21 October twelve vs Cortuluá, while playing the BetPlay II 2022 League match valid on Date 13.

With a payroll to match, Candelo failed to tie back-to-back wins and retired from the position with a record of six losses, five draws and one win.

This prompted several voices to explain details about this work separation of the also idol of the Millonarios FC in his time as a player and thus Máyer’s technical assistant Darío chusco Sierra shared what he experienced on and off the field during the semester.

In dialogue with the program ESPN F 90 Colombia, Sierra confessed that they felt fear when the fans of Verdiblanco’s Radical Front took the field at the Doce de Octubre Stadium and that he feared for his life and that of many of his staff. However, the chusco made that clear Several board members were already looking for his departure for Candelo in advance and this was his related television intervention on Thursday night, September 22nd:

The team had not been reinforced well after the championship as 13 players had left. Mayer has the capacity and saw the opportunity. By results it didn’t give us. When we arrived at the first meeting, there was a manager who had an idea about the Mayer 20 years ago, but today is a different one, so they are surprised. They thought it was different, they measured it by the way he was dressed, by the way he spoke. So this manager continued to hurt. There have been managers who have wanted to remove him since Mayer’s arrival. We were convinced that we could improve the situation, but football isn’t exact. Mayer is strong for another opportunity to move on

He also shared how sadness gripped the players of Verdiblanco’s squad after the recent 2-0 defeat by Cortuluá and gave a general summary of the 13 games under Candelo’s management:

We found a group without being able to hire anyone, but we didn’t open the screen, we knew what was there and we accepted it because they are excellent people and good players. We treated the group with love and respect, at some point they also fought for us and there was trust. The dressing room was very restless, the boys sad. We tried to encourage them and raise their heads, we said luckily we escaped unscathed. In cooperation with the police we waited a long time at the stadium and then they gave us free rein to bring us here to Cali.

Sierra preferred not to generalize about the violence with which many of the Caleño team’s fans acted in Tuluá, saying many of them had previously gone to the clubhouse to support Máyer as a former idol; However, he made it clear that the team’s numbers were spiraling out of control and that the Barristas’ actions looked orchestrated after the 2-0 penalty:

When I go exploring with the guys and see the stands with people, I get emotional and it’s good to feel the support. Later, if analyzed with a cool head, it seems orchestrated, but one must have a lot of evidence to seal these facts. At that moment I was happy for the people and we knew the responsibility we had to continue at the club.

Finally, Sierra referred to the rumors about the supposedly bad relationship between Teófilo Gutiérrez and Máyer Candelo and these were his words on the matter:

Here something of great humility happened between Teo and Máyer. In his size, Teo picked up his phone and wrote to Máyer. He approached him, asking for an opportunity to speak to him. Máyer also had a great meeting, where the most experienced footballers were spoken to and the management of the dressing room was clarified. We can’t fall in love with Teo because he was very humble. The boys have always been engaged. When they went to pay him, Ángelo said no so they would pay others. It is a gesture of people who love. We met with the group and there were moments of rest, we talked a lot so that they gained confidence. Unfortunately, when we won, the points were gone, maybe due to a mistake.


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