Singer Reveals Details: JLo’s Wedding Healed ‘Some Old Wounds’

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Singer reveals details
JLo: Wedding healed ‘some old wounds’

Since her dream wedding to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez has shared many of her memories with her fans. With countless photos of her wedding dresses, the singer now reveals the difficulties the couple had before the ceremony in Georgia.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still reminiscing about their big day. On August 20, they celebrated their big wedding in the US state of Georgia with about 100 guests. The singer revealed details about the ceremony in her newsletter “On The JLo” in recent days. In a recent post, the 53-year-old talks about difficulties just before the wedding.

“It had been raining every day at sunset all week. Everyone was worried about the heat, not to mention the thunder and lightning that came at just the right time almost every day, just as the ceremony was supposed to be on Saturday. begin,” she wrote. “In addition, we all had stomach problems and only recovered late in the week, which, along with a few other unexpected setbacks, set the stage for a great wedding weekend.” Ben Affleck’s mother was reportedly treated at a local hospital shortly before the wedding after apparently injuring her leg the day before the ceremony.

“The Circle Closes”

In the end, the weekend went “better than planned,” Lopez continued. “The truth is, I’ve never had any doubts. All week I felt the calm assurance that we are in God’s hands.’ The sky was at its best, and as the sun set, a warm breeze blew across the lawn where our closest family and friends sat, and I could finally walk down to the altar, the aisle that would lead me to the rest of the city. would lead my life.”

At that time, the singer also surprised her husband with a special gift. Singer Marc Cohn accompanied the ceremony with his songs “The Things We’ve Handed Down” and “True Companion”. The couple discussed the latter song more than 20 years ago as the perfect wedding song. “I asked Marc to surprise Ben by singing it at our wedding and he was kind enough to come.” On the day of the wedding, “some old wounds were healed and the weight of the past was finally lifted off our shoulders,” Lopez wrote. “The circle is closing – and not at all as we planned. Better.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been husband and wife since July: at the famous “Little White Wedding Chapel” in Las Vegas, they said yes in close quarters. After the big wedding in Georgia we went to Italy for the honeymoon. Affleck and Lopez dated from 2002 to 2004.

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