Singer defends legally: Stalkerin has been harassing Jack Johnson for years

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Singer defends himself legally
Stalker has been harassing Jack Johnson for years

A woman regularly buys VIP tickets to singer Jack Johnson’s performances and inundates him and his management with requests. Several attempts to obtain a suspension order against the stalker fail. Until the situation escalates.

American singer Jack Johnson defends himself in court against a persistent stalker who regularly haunts and stalks him. As the American news site “TMZ” reports, the singer of “Better Together” has been given a restraining order against the woman in court.

Accordingly, Johnson stated in court documents that the alleged stalker regularly bought VIP tickets to his concerts in order to get closer to him. In addition, she contacted him and his management several times by email and pretended to be a victim of online fraud.

It then escalated on August 26 in Houston, Texas: The woman traveled to a Johnson concert there and assaulted him in such a way that he and his bandmates felt threatened. The woman was subsequently arrested by the police.

The woman would stalk the singer for several years. The orders of Johnson’s lawyers have so far been unsuccessful. According to “TMZ”, the judge in charge has now approved an injunction against the woman for Johnson, his wife and their 16-year-old son. Since the artist is currently on tour, it’s very easy to find out where he is.

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