Sinaloa Cartel in Chiapas: They Accused Army Protection and GN on “Güero Bracelets”

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The Sinaloa cartel covets Mexico's southern border for its access to Guatemala and the rest of Central America (Photo: EFE/Juan Manuel Blanco)
The Sinaloa cartel covets Mexico’s southern border for its access to Guatemala and the rest of Central America (Photo: EFE/Juan Manuel Blanco)

agents of army and the national guard They were accused of protecting her Sinaloa cartel in Chiapaswhose regional cell would be commanded by a subject identified as the Guero Braceletsallegedly sent Ismael Zambada Garcia, the CanTop boss of the transnational crime group who has never set foot in prison.

Anabel Hernandeza journalist specializing in drug-trafficking issues revealed in her recent column for the German wave a number of allegations that have reached the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR). The reporter inserted direct testimonies of the complainants and the recount into the investigation folder documents, but everything remains stagnant.

Even, It is noted that the complaints reached President Andrés Manuel López Obrador last June. The complaint reports that the alleged support for the Sinaloa cartel in Chiapas stayed with alliances of Secretary of National Defense and local command of national guardas well as officials under the orders of the Governor of Morenista, Rutilio Escandon.

Among those mentioned are also Francisco Orantes AbbeyState Secretary for Public Safety and Citizen Protection; Roberto Yahir Hernandez TeranDirector of the State Border Police; Jordan Orante’s joy, Prosecutor of Chiapas; as well as Jesus Mendez RojasChief of the Entity’s Ministerial Police.

Del Güero Bracelets hadn't gotten beyond big reports (Photo: Archives Anabel Hernández)
Del Güero Bracelets hadn’t gotten beyond big reports (Photo: Archives Anabel Hernández)

On the Guero Bracelets So far, no further reports have surfaced. It is stated that he is a lieutenant-designate for control of the place on the southern border of Mexico, where he arrived on behalf of the Can Zambada to middle 2021. Presumably his protection circle would consist of state police officers, as well Reinel Martinez Aguilarowner of the station national guard in San Cristobal de las Casas.

According to the journalist, he is accused of this Martínez Aguilar gets up to $100,000 every month for non-interference in the criminal activities of the Sinaloa cartel, whose operations are not reduced to the transfer of drugs, but to a sum total of crimes committed by local groups. They sent reports of all this to the FGR which opened the investigation file FED/SEIDO/UEITA-CHIS/000274.

The area under the control of the operator of the Can Zambada was identified in the communities Comalapa border, Tonala, Venustiano Carranza, Pijijiapan, Teopisca, San Cristóbal de las Casas and Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Like the rest of the southern border, this region is a key area for migrant smuggling and drug trafficking.

The interests of Sinaloa cartel in Chiapas they are not new as was their main appointee Gilberto Rivera Amarillas, Uncle Gillocked up Guatemala extradited to the United States in 2006 and a year later on charges in the District of Columbia Court. Supposedly the Uncle Gil was protected by Racie Lopez Salazarformer prosecutor of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico.

This character’s son, Raciel López, has been accused of dating him Leonel Camacho Mendoza, Osama Bin Laden me the 300locked up Tuxtla Gutierrez last March. Although Camacho Mendoza was the leader New people and operated south of chihuahuahis drastic movement from one point to another has not yet been clarified, apart from intentions to hide.

Violence by drug traffickers and paramilitary groups is causing displacement in the entity (Photo: Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center, AC)
Violence by drug traffickers and paramilitary groups is causing displacement in the entity (Photo: Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center, AC)

After falling from Uncle Gilin June 2021, assumed command Juan Isidro Rivera, the Chilebut this topic has been replaced by alleged orders of the Can Zambada who would have paid 3 million dollars to ensure the protection of your employees.

The complaint adds that the Sinaloa cartel has a workshop where cars are fitted with hand-made armor, at 2089 Poniente Sur street, in the Penipak area of ​​Tuxtla Gutiérrez. while in town Chimachin Frontera Comalapa they maintain narcoretents.

In addition, regional operations with other cells in Michoacán such as Viagra and the Tepalcatepec cartel. Allegedly, the group commanded through the Guero Bracelets It would have a training center for migrants to recruit into its ranks.

Chiapas is coveted for its connection to Central Americabecause in areas like Mastepec or shipments of cocaine arrive from the company’s beaches Colombia or Venezuela, as well as other synthetic drugs that have previously passed through zones of Guatemala. The violence of the paramilitaries and local gangs leads to the displacement of the population. apart from Sinaloa cartelthe state is in dispute of that Jalisco cartel of the new generation.


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