Shortly before the album release: Wanda keyboardist Hummer is dead

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Shortly before the release of the album
Wanda keyboardist Hummer is dead

The Austrian band Wanda has built up a stable fan base in German-speaking countries outside the country’s borders. The new album will be out in a few days. But now the band is dealing with a bitter loss.

The longtime keyboardist of Austrian band Wanda, Christian Hummer, has passed away. The musician died after a long, serious illness, his four colleagues said on the group’s official Instagram and Facebook pages. The sad news for fans came just four days before Wanda’s new studio album was released.

The indie rock band Wanda, known for songs like “Bologna” or “Bussi Baby”, was formed ten years ago and has since established themselves as one of the best-known Austrian acts in Germany and Switzerland.

“There are no words that can do justice to this loss,” the band wrote of Hummer’s death. “Christian was a gifted musician and a wonderful person. His enthusiasm for music and his dedication to people made him so endearing.”

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