“She is not a right-wing radical”: Papis Loveday supports Melanie Müller

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‘She is not a right-wing radical’
Papis Loveday supports Melanie Müller

After the publication of two videos in which she is surrounded by right-wing screamers and apparently shows the “Hitler salute” herself, Melanie Müller is sitting in the twilight. Now she is defending Senegalese model Papis Loveday. The two know each other from “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Senegalese top model Papis Loveday has joined Ballermann singer Melanie Müller. The two met in 2021 on the TV show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and are still friends today. “Melanie Müller is not a right-wing radical. Melanie Müller is an honest and funny person. She is a good listener,” says the 45-year-old in a short video.

According to fellow candidate Paco Steinbeck, Müller was “one of the most honest people” he met at the container show, Loveday assures. He and the singer kept in touch after the show. “We were together in Mallorca and had a lot of fun together. She also invited me to Leipzig,” he explains, adding: “I don’t think she is a right-wing extremist. If she was a right-wing extremist, I would would have noticed and had no friendly relationship with her.”

Müller has been criticized since recordings of her at a concert in Leipzig were published on social networks. In one clip, visitors can clearly be heard singing “Sieg Heil”. In another video, the 34-year-old’s hand movements appear to resemble the “Hitler salute.”

Victim of a smear campaign?

On the other hand, Müller assured the newspaper “Bild” that they would be “Zicke zacke zicke zacke” gestures that she had practiced on stage for eleven years. In a statement, she also claimed, “I have nothing to do with right-wing radicals or nationalist ideas. I condemn that in the strongest possible terms.” Meanwhile, however, the police are also investigating them on suspicion of using license plates from unconstitutional organizations.

Meanwhile, Müller insisted via Instagram that she felt like a victim of a dirt campaign. “The media fire, the false allegations against me, the claim that I was collaborating with right-wing extremists and living in a far-right environment hit me physically and mentally,” she wrote. For now, she wants to “retire a little bit, relax and try to process the whole thing”.

Melanie Müller was born in 1988 in Oschatz, Saxony. After having played in several porn films, she participated in 2013 as a candidate in the RTL program “Der Bachelor”. Both the 2014 jungle camp and “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021 left her as the winner. In addition to her reality TV appearances, she mainly made a career as a mood singer with Ballermann. A career that could be over now, as her husband Mike Blümer suspects, from whom she divorced about a year ago.

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