“She is already singing”: Helene Fischer talks about her daughter

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“She’s already singing”
Helene Fischer talks about her daughter

When Helene Fischer goes on a big tour next year, it will be her first concert tour as a mother. But the singer doesn’t just talk about that in an interview. She also reveals a little secret about her daughter.

Helene Fischer keeps her private life largely out of the public eye. On the Austrian Broadcasting (ORF)’s “Welcome Austria” program, the Schlagerqueen has now told how she would like to reconcile her upcoming “Rausch” tour and her role as a mother.

She and her team have been planning the announced 70 concerts next year for more than two years, Fischer says. “Of course young mothers warned me and said, ‘Are you crazy for doing this?’ Now the whole thing is getting closer and now I am also gradually realizing: Huppala.” Being a mother is “a completely new phase of life” for her. But she feels up to the task.

In addition, Fischer reveals a sweet detail about her daughter: “She is already singing, there is already a loud voice.”

“Definitely look younger”

Apparently, the 38-year-old manages her day-to-day life without any problems, because if she “dealt with people very normally”, she would usually only recognize children. “Most of those who see me with makeup now and then without makeup are a little annoyed,” she reveals. “I definitely look younger.”

Fischer’s daughter was born at the end of last year. The singer has not yet made the exact date public. However, she denied rumors that the child was born two months premature. The father is the acrobat Thomas Seitel, with whom Fischer also collaborates on their shows. She has been officially in a relationship with him since the end of 2018.

Fischer’s last album “Rausch” came out a year ago. In August, the singer gave her only Germany concert of the year with the new songs in front of 130,000 spectators in Munich. However, a major tour through numerous cities is planned for 2023.

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