She-Hulk Sex Scenes Don't Disqualify It As A Kids Show, Director Says

She-Hulk Sex Scenes Don’t Disqualify It As A Kids Show, Director Says

A history of breaking the fourth wall gave Marvel and Disney Plus’ She-Hulk: Lawyer permission to break virtually every rule in the established MCU. But what really opened doors for the creative team, series director Kat Coiro tells Polygon, was Tatiana Maslany’s take on Jennifer Walters, the hasty lawyer under She-Hulk’s gamma-irradiated green skin. Jennifer was definitely no bigger than life—at least not in human form. And without a ticking clock the premise of an evil villain pushing her in all directions, Marvel could explore superheroes in a totally unique way.

“What I always loved about the show were the smaller moments and the opportunity to see a superhero come home and kick off her shoes after a long day at work,” says Coiro. She quotes ant man as one of her favorite Marvel movies simply because it has the “small glimpses of normal life”. And while Coiro loved staging Daredevil gang fights and the limited-time season finale brawl between Hulk, HulkKing, Abomination, and She-Hulk (which she reveals, thanks to a shoddy schedule, was the first scene she actually shot for). She-Hulk), she was excited to take the series to unfamiliar places in the MCU, especially the bedroom.

“We always felt there was anxiety around sex and around the idea of ​​sex positivity,” says Coiro. “So our job was to keep the conversation going. We wanted to say, Look, she’s a woman in her thirties navigating modern life; sex is part of that story, and [ask] how far can we go.” Maslany was a game to get the character there. “I know it’s something that’s really important to her, this idea of ​​sex positivity and breaking the rules when it comes to women and the way they’re seen. A lot of the sexualization conversations on the show came from Tatiana, and were with Tatiana.”

With a resume studded with character-driven comedy – recent appearances include It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Girls5Evaand the recent Jennifer Lopez rom-com Marry me — it’s no surprise that one of Coiro’s favorite moments in Season 1 was a classic rom-com moment after Jennifer and Matt Murdock hooked up. “I loved filming the little scene at the end [of episode 8] where we can see their superhero suits. It’s a tribute to the tropes of all the early 2000s rom-coms where you pan through clothes, but this time it was batons and helmets.”

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She-Hulk is easily one of the hottest shows currently streaming on Disney Plus, but Coiro says her goal was still to deliver a show that could play to the wider, youthful Marvel audience. The director says: She-Hulk is the first show she ever actually worked on, where she received voicemails from 9-year-olds begging to hear what happened next. And her parents and friends who didn’t normally watch Marvel movies were addicted to She-Hulk. There was a greater responsibility and challenge to make She-Hulk be everything to everyone, without losing his commentary. “We wanted to make it realistic, about a woman navigating through sex, but also make it something that everyone can enjoy, including kids, because there’s an element of the show that’s really fun for young people,” she says.

coiro, She-Hulk creator Jessica Gao, and the rest of the writers not only thought outside the box for Jennifer’s debut, they punched through it. So is there room for her to return elsewhere in the Marvel universe?

“Two of the things that really stood out to me this season were the chemistry of Jennifer and Bruce and the chemistry of Jennifer and Matt Murdock,” says Coiro. “I know Daredevil has an 18-episode show, so I could definitely see our She-Hulk appear there. And then there seems to be hints that there might be some Hulk movies, and I could definitely see She- Hulk joins Hulk and whatever adventures he goes on next. But you know that’s really a mystery. And only KEVIN has the answer.”

Coiro’s next project is an episodic reinvention of The Spiderwick Chronicles for Disney Plus, but she says she would definitely take the helm more often She-Hulk. “I have a very eclectic resume because it’s really about connecting with a character and never genre,” she says. “And I found She-Hulk to be one of the most collaborative experiences of my life.”

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