“Sex Tape VIP”: “The women flock to me”

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Celebrities give intimate insights into their bedrooms. Ennesto Monté performs the act on time and presenter Natascha Ochsenknecht finds many things “sweet”. Put a curtain on the “eerie tenderness” between very famous people!

“You look like a flower meadow”, Natascha Ochsenknecht compliments Ennesto Monté’s girlfriend, Marry. The lovebirds, who have been together for eight months, are one of 12 “celebrity couples” that give us, the viewer, a glimpse into their sex lives. Yay, the new reality show “Sex Tape VIP” is just what we desperately need – a sexy summer fairytale! You can see the wild crowds on the Discovery+ streaming service.


They are also part of the rattle show: Julia Jasmin Rühle aka JJ and her René.

(Photo: Discovery+)

If you, dear readers, missed the first episode of the rattling show, please put it all away – especially everyday life – and enjoy the review of the sinful lust of the flesh of our world famous celebrities. Mrs. Ochsenknecht welcomes three international TV greats per episode.

Among others Julia Jasmin Rühle, called JJ, who everyone should know from “Berlin – Day & Night” and her partner René make the start. Also: the ex-girlfriend of Dachshund Gremlin and Miracle-Morning-Macker Yotta with her partner Jiorgos and Ennesto Monté, the man the women “enjoy” chasing with his named flower meadow Marry.

The uncanny tenderness and little René

Everyone drives into Natascha’s house one after the other, first to piss a glass of champagne in a cozy atmosphere and finally to chat about “sun and lots of sexual intercourse”. One is naturally nervous and therefore covers the tension by often saying how nervous one is. But moderator Ochsenknecht soon wants to feel a certain “energetic thread” between the couples. Like good friends on a video night, everyone soon hangs out in front of the television in the living room, playing one sex tape after another.

“Hahaha, hihihi, that’s sweet!” Natascha rejoices with those present when JJ admits that he really wants to “marry René”. The couple has known each other for 21 years. She is 35, he is 46. In the morning there is sometimes good morning sex without a good morning kiss, but otherwise the “sex life is actually perfect”. Especially since JJ sometimes puts “Nutella” in the shopping cart and René can enjoy the idea of ​​”dipping” his little René in the candy while he is still in the supermarket. “Hahaha”, but then quickly “the shame is there again”, because everything is filmed.

We see some rumbling in the kitchen and sex under the covers. And maybe the act will be performed with others soon, because it would be a shame if “the uncanny tenderness” that sexpert Ochsenknecht sees happened only between the two. What do we take from the first sex tape? Everything, everything is “extremely sweet!”

Sex frustration instead of sex lust and dead pants in the bed

Just like between Natalia Osada and her husband, who participates in “Sex Tape” just because of the name. Minimal problem of the two: everyday life has returned to their relationship, especially they “have become more comfortable”. When Natalia cooks, Jiorgos doesn’t have to caress her.


sex tape? were in! Natalia Osada and her husband Jiorgos.

(Photo: Discovery+)

Because the husband of the gods is sometimes folded by the former party girl. While the two believe sex between them is on the back burner “because of the kids,” they may want to consider that the enclosure could also be the cause of dead pants in the bed. Who gets the urge when the whole place looks like a trading floor in furniture store Bottrop? Anyone who sees Natascha at this moment does not know whether her startled gaze is on the furniture or on the moody woman on the couch.

And then he comes – the man “to touch”: Ennesto Monté. His motto: “Don’t talk, do it!” He whistles confidently, “being responsible for making this industry interesting”. His Marry is a little jealous, but she can compensate for these feelings by cleaning the place well while Ennesto keeps an eye on her. And rub the Marry, his thoughts are already “sharp”.

“Should I get my boobs done baby?”

The viewer learns of Ennesto’s sex addiction and how he “had sex three times a day”. In the meantime, however, he is “cured”, although one is not quite sure when he visits his partner in the shower and asks her: “What are you doing here?” Yes, what is Mary doing there? Does not matter. The man with the women at his feet joins her in the soothing water. Moan, breathe, moan some more and – Goodbye! Ennesto is ready and leaves the shower immediately. Nobody knows what happened to Maria. But as she moans, of course everything will be fine – “hahaha, hehehe, sweet!”

It’s nice to have ‘a lot of exotic things with you’, says Natascha happily. It’s really “super, super exciting”. And also delicious, as the other sextape heinis state that mister Monté is now “satisfied with his penis”. Sure, Marry finds it a bit annoying that her “famous girlfriend” gets so much attention from “a lot of women”. That’s why she’s a bit insecure sometimes and asks, “Should I get my boobs done, honey?” But then “the super hot people” just make love again on the couch and moan “to the beat” until the heather quivers. Natascha testifies to the power couple: “You are super musical!” We mustn’t forget this: from now on, only complain together on time!

Ah, how does Ennesto look at his Marry! That’s not how you know the celebrity, thinks the sturdy sofa group. Then the sensitive checker, who knows exactly what the women want: “80 million Germans don’t know what they’re missing!”

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