Severe weather warning in Berlin: the doctors have to cancel the concert

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Severe Weather Warning in Berlin
The doctors have to cancel the concert

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Three times in a row Die Ärzte would play a sold-out open-air show at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin. But in any case, the first concert must be canceled in the short term. It is still uncertain whether Saturday’s performance will be successful.

The concert of the band Die Ärzte, scheduled for tonight in Berlin, was canceled a few hours before the start. Unlike the group’s club show about two months ago, which had to be canceled due to illness in the band, this time it’s again to blame.

The concert for Friday was an open air performance at Tempelhofer Feld. Heavy rain has been falling over Berlin since the afternoon. Lightning can also be seen and thunder can be heard. The storm is expected to increase in the course of the evening.

First, the band Donots, who would be the support act for Die Ärzte, informed their fans that the concert was a failure in the true sense of the word. “Dear people, today’s concert has to be canceled due to bad weather and danger to life and limb. Everyone here is inconsolable. Please come home safely,” the band said in a statement.

“Bad lightning discharges”

Moments later, Die-Ärzte drummer Bela B also addressed everyone who had gotten a ticket for Friday’s show in a story on his Instagram page. “Today’s concert has been cancelled,” he says in his smartphone camera under a roof at the former airport site in Tempelhof. He calls on all people who are not there yet not to go out at all. Police and firefighters did not allow anyone on the site.

There is not only an official storm warning, the musician explains to the certainly disappointed fans. It is also to be expected with “gross lightning discharges” over the terrain. “And I think that’s not so good when it comes to a crowd,” said Bela B.

Two more sold-out Die Ärzte shows are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the same venue. Although the weather forecast for Saturday in Berlin also looks quite bleak, the concert is still scheduled to be held. Only the ticket holders for the Sunday show can take a deep breath. Friendly weather is expected in Berlin by the end of the week.

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