Sergio George denies romance with Gisela Valcárcel and admits ‘I love the show’

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Sergio George denies romance with Gisela Valcárcel and admits: ‘I love the show.’ Willax TV.

this 2022, Gisela Valcarcel returned to television with a whole new format. The popular one ‘Señoto’ explained that he had a dream of finding new talent in Peru, so he decided to make it come true “The Big Star”a program that brought together young artists who wanted to make their musical careers visible.

For this project, the blonde TV presenter brought in the renowned producer Serge Georgewho would be the international jury that would have his new reality show, which was quite similar ‘The Big Show’but without recognized figures.

During the taping of this show, Gisela Valcárcel hinted more than once that more than friendship might develop with the music producer, who is currently living in Peru while the América Televisión show is on.

Likewise, following the announcement that “La Gran Estrella” will end this Saturday, September 24, a reporter from “Amor y Fuego” contacted Sergio George to ask him about his proximity to the TV presenter.

According to Yahaira Plasencias producer, what is between him and Gisela Valcarcel it’s a simple friendship. “I got pretty close to Gisela. A very cool friendship. Gisela is a great person, she hesitates.

On the other hand, Serge George He explained that he already knew how the entertainment press was handled in Peru. “I love the show, I know how the wave is here in Peru, it was an innocent thing,” he said.

Finally, the musician stated that he constantly joins in the conversation Gisela Valcarcel about new projects that they could implement together in the not too distant future. “He no longer follows. I had a great time, I talk to her almost every day about plans of what she would like to do,” he added.

Gisela Valcárcel expresses her support for Sergio George.  |  America TV
Gisela Valcárcel expresses her support for Sergio George. | America TV

With the aim of “The Big Star”that’s what many thought Serge George He would leave Peru to continue his projects in Miami, a city where he has lived for several years; However, according to the same music producer, he would stay in our country to bet on new talent.

Let’s recall that he recently appeared in the program “America Today”where he joked with Ethel Good and he confessed to her that he attended her wedding but could not meet her in person because he fell asleep.

The program ‘Love and Fire’ was responsible for the dissemination of this information, which the musician initially did not want to accept and for which he had sharp comments against the program moderated by Rodrigo Gonzalez Y Gigi Mitre.


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