“See you tonight”: American rapper Post Malone can go on stage again

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“See you tonight”
American rapper Post Malone is allowed on stage again

After his heavy fall, rapper Post Malone struggles with severe pain and breathing problems. He had to cancel his concert in Boston. Now the US star reports fit. In Cleveland, he wants to tear it again.

Good news for all fans of American rapper Post Malone – especially for those who have tickets to his upcoming concerts. The star confirmed she was back on stage on her official Twitter account. He wrote on September 28, “Cleveland I’m going to sing the shit from some songs tonight – see you tonight.”

Things looked very different a few days ago, Malone had to cancel his scheduled concert in Boston an hour before it started. The reason: The interpreter “Circles” was taken to the hospital with respiratory problems. “I find it very hard to breathe and feel a sharp pain when I breathe or move,” he wrote in a post on Twitter. He’s in the hospital and can’t do the show at night. He is “so damn sorry”. He promises that he will ‘make it right’. The tickets purchased are valid for the postponement date he is currently planning.

This was preceded by an accident on September 17 at a concert in St. Louis. On Twitter, he explained in a video how the fall happened. “When we do the acoustic part of the show, we put the guitars on the guitar stand on stage and there was a big hole there,” said Post Malone. Usually he just walks around the hole. But he couldn’t make the turn. “It hit me quite a bit and it hurt quite a bit,” he explained. However, the hospital provided him with medication for the pain.

In a subsequent examination, the doctors found a supposedly harmless injury to the ribs. His management confirmed this to CNN. However, later the musician again complained of severe pain. The injuries appeared to be more serious than initially thought and he was re-hospitalized. Post Malone is currently on a major tour of North America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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