‘Scary Times’: Oscar winner Black suffered ‘serious head injury’

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“Scary Time”
Oscar winner Black suffered ‘serious head injury’

American filmmaker Dustin Lance Black disappeared from the public eye for weeks, now the Oscar winner is back – for a frightening reason: a serious head injury sidelined him, the doctors prescribed strict creative rest.

Dustin Lance Black reached out to his fans in an Instagram post. “I was away for a while,” he begins his post, in which he also explains his absence. “A month ago I suffered a serious head injury that kept me out of action,” said the Oscar winner, who wrote the screenplay for “Milk.”

Since there was little improvement, his doctors ordered him to rest his brain in the hope of a cure. “This has been a challenging, scary time for a creative man who relies on what’s in his head to work, care and love,” the American filmmaker writes. He now understands that the road back will be long.

“But this week my wonderful husband took us to the Greek islands so I could rest,” the 48-year-old explains in his post, sharing a series of photos from the said vacation. “I already feel that this journey is a step in the right direction and I finally feel safe to share something small again. Thank you for all your love and patience. There is more to come. I promise,” he concludes his message .

Dustin Lance Black has been in a relationship with British water jumper Tom Daley since 2013 and has been married to him since 2017. Their first child together, a son, was born in June 2018 and carried to a surrogate mother. He was named Robbie Ray Black-Daley after Daley’s late father, Robert.

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