Santoral today: what are the onomastics celebrated this September 9th?

The Santoral commemorates those who distinguished themselves by their good deeds.  (Infobae)
The Santoral commemorates those who distinguished themselves by their good deeds. (Infobae)

A few decades ago, even centuries ago, ancestors used to name their children by the name of the saint of the day they were born, not for nothing in the famous “Mañanitas” there is a verse that says: “Today we sing them to you here because it is the day of your saint…”.

The name day is the day on which a saint is celebrated, although by many people it is used as a synonym for birthdays, which is wrong because when speaking of it it only refers to the list of names of saints.

Like every day of the year this 9.9 It also commemorates the women and men who were distinguished by special connections to the deities, who performed good deeds for others, and who had high ethics and morals, reasons that led to their being canonized or beatified and part of the were saints.

Saint Peter Claver He was a priest of the Society of Jesus, famous for his charity with the slaves blackof whom he is estimated to have baptized about 300,000 of them.

Pedro Claver was the penultimate of six children married to Catalan farmers. Little is known about his childhood and youth, but this is known Graduated from the University of Barcelona and at the age of 19 he became a Jesuit.

Pedro was encouraged by Saint Alonso Rodríguez to be an evangelist in other areas, so he went to New Granada and Cartagena. In these territories, the young man recognized that institutionalized slavery.

Given these facts, the father would visit her every month when a slave ship arrived, and I brought them food despite language differences.

While the slaves were held in Cartagena, waiting to be bought and taken to various locations, Father Claver instructed them and he baptized her. In view of this, the slave traders saw him as an enemy.

The saint was accused of being indiscreet because of his zeal for the slaves and of profaning the sacraments by giving them to creatures who “They Barely Have a Soul” and many people refused to go to Father Claver’s Masses.

On the morning of September 9, 1654 he died. He was on July 16, 1850 by Pope Pius IX. Beatified and beatified on January 15, 1888 by Leo XIII. along with Alfonso Rodriguez.

On July 7, 1896, he was appointed special patron of all Catholic missions among blacks. Pope John Paul II prayed before the remains of San Pedro Claver in the Jesuit Church in Cartagena on July 6, 1986.

Besides this figure, there are other martyrs and saints celebrated on this day, such as:

Saint Ciarano the Younger

Saint Gorgonius of Rome

Sacred Hyacinth by Sabina

Blessed Francisco Garate Aranguren

Blessed James Desire Laval

Blessed George Douglas

Blessed Mary of the Head

Blessed Mary Euthymia

Blessed Peter Bonhomme

Cardinals attend a mass for the beatification of Pope John Paul I in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on September 4, 2022.  (REUTERS/Remo Casilli)
Cardinals attend a mass for the beatification of Pope John Paul I in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on September 4, 2022. (REUTERS/Remo Casilli)

That holy It is the group of people (women and men) who are venerated by the Church when they are canonized or blessed on a specific date in the calendar.

On the way to canonization there are four steps: the first to be appointed as a servant of God, the second to be venerable; the third level is said to be blessed and finally the fourth level is said to be holy.

Beatification can only be achieved by the faithful who have died in different places in a call as saints, and this process can be carried out in two ways: through a matter of heroic virtues and the second through martyrdom, that is, when the person died because of her faith.

On the other hand, the process of becoming a saint involves entering the name of the sanctified person into the canon (list of recognized saints), thereby admitting the believing community pay him public and universal worship, Meanwhile, a liturgical feast is assigned to him, altars and chapels are dedicated to him, and his power to intercede before God is recognized.

Although the church has not given an exact number, it is believed that there are currently up to nine thousand recognized saints. According to the Roman Martyrology updated in 2005, the Catholic Church has at least 7,000 saints, although the martyrs are not counted, leading many to believe the number could reach as high as 20,000 people.

In recent history, the Pope John Paul II succeeded in canonizing 388 saintswhile Pope Francis has broken all records, having so far canonized 898 saints, 800 of them at the same time.


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