Santiago Alarcón called those who mocked the demonstrations against the Petro government “ugly”.

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Santiago Alarcon, Colombian actor. Photo: Instagram @santiarconu

Fifty days after taking the reins of Colombia, President Gustav Petro He is already threatened with the first day of demonstrations against his management. Groups disagreeing with the current government’s policies have met in several cities across the country to express their dissatisfaction with some of the proposed legislation, such as tax reform, plans to achieve “total peace” and restoration bring ties to Venezuela.

However, the president’s supporters did the same, some taking to the streets to confront the protesters, others via social media, mocking and taunting those who came out to demonstrate. For this reason, the Antiocean actor Santiago Alarcón, who is currently facing a scandal about an alleged unrecognized paternity, calls everyone who makes fun of the current demonstrations “ugly”.

They look so ugly making fun of today’s march. When we talk about building another country, let’s start by respecting those who are demonstrating today. You are within your rights.‘ the artist posted on his Twitter account.

The artist interviewed those who mocked the march against Petro.

At 10 a.m., people gathered at the designated points in the different cities. While in some there were significant numbers of protesters early on, in others the groups were smaller. Hours later, however, a significant influx of protesters was reported. These were the points where the marches began:


– Eighth Brigade


-Joe Arroyo memorial


-Plaza Fallen Heroes

-National Park


– Sun Gate


-Simon Bolivar Park


-Pan American Park


– Camelon de los Martires


-CC Ventura Plaza


-AV bypass


-Murillo Toro Park


-El cable sector


-Pablo Tobon Theater




-Inem school

Santa Martha:

-Rodrigo Bastidas Square


-Villa Park


-Bolivar Square


-Apartadó Kulturhaus Children’s Park


-Five corners


-DC lives


-The Horseshoe Park

The Interior Ministry, with a break at 11:00 a.m., reported calm in view of the mobilizations across the national territory. They pointed out that thousands of police officers will guarantee the right to protest for all Colombian men and women.

“Public order remains absolutely peaceful and we hope that all of these protests announced for today will take place under these democratic, peaceful conditions and with deep respect for the rights of both the protesters and those who protest and those who don’t will. t,” said Home Secretary Alfonso Prada Gil.

Santiago Alarcón and Cecilia Navia, his wife, decided to make a live broadcast through Instagram to tell new and unpublished details of the case of his alleged paternity. For example, They announced they knew the story of another victim who would have molested Galeano in Canada for several years.

“This boy had been molesting a married man in Canada for six years already,” the actor said, to which his partner added, “He didn’t molest him by saying he was his father, he fell in love with him and was.” obsessed with it he was his (…) He went so far as to enter his home and hack into his wife’s Facebook where he began posting montages of family photos in which he included himself.

In the same way, Alarcón mentioned that he had the opportunity to speak to his supposed son’s parents and siblingswho told him that, contrary to what he said, he was not adopted and was born at home on October 28, 1992.


The border between Colombia and Venezuela was officially reopened in the presence of President Gustavo Petro
Thus the first march against the government of Gustavo Petro is progressing in the capitals
President Gustavo Petro assured that “there is a humanitarian catastrophe” in Venezuela.

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