Salvini on the end of the campaign: I stopped the arrival of migrants and will do it again

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Rome, 22.9. The leader of the Sovereignist League, Matteo Salvini, reassured today that, as Minister of the Interior, he had stopped the arrival of migrants and did so on his return to government at the closing rally of the campaign ahead of this Sunday’s general elections, in which he will meet with his allies in the coalition of Silvio Berlusconi from Forza Italia and Giorgia Meloni from Brothers of Italy.

“Whoever chooses the symbol of the League trusts a man in his 40s who will be brought to justice for blocking the landing of illegal migrants,” Salvini said, citing the trial he faces for leaving the League’s ship more than had prevented for 20 days The Spanish NGO Open Arms arrives at the port with a hundred migrants.

The pro-sovereignty leader continued his anti-immigration discourse, assuring that anyone coming to Italy would only have to say “thank you and please,” and once again defied a law granting citizenship to Italian-born children of foreign parents .

“If Europe thinks of laying off workers in Italy to do China a favor by banning diesel cars, the next government will hold a referendum to ask Italians if they agree to this nonsense,” Salvini said in his speech the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, which was not full for the occasion.

Italy “doesn’t need to learn lessons from Brussels, Paris or Berlin,” he added at the rally, where the three heads of state appeared under the motto “Together for Italy.”

“We are here to make a promise: to rule well and together for 5 years. The left is divided while here we are united without insult or threaten.”

According to the latest opinion polls, the right-wing coalition is almost 20 points ahead, 46.6% versus 27.2% for the progressives. EFE


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