Rumors of participation: Farmer Patrick has to move to the jungle camp

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rumors of participation
Farmer Patrick should move to the jungle camp

In the “Summer House of the Stars” until recently, farmer Patrick shocked viewers with his behavior towards his girlfriend Antonia. Once the show is over, it is suspected that it will be seen in the next format soon.

According to information from the newspaper “Bild”, the name of the next candidate for the jungle camp of 2023 has been leaked. Patrick Romer would move to the Australian bush for RTL. Spicy: The farmer known for “Bauer sucht Frau” was not particularly popular on the RTL program “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” (can be seen on RTL+). Together with his partner Antonia Hemmer, Romer won the “Battle of the Celebrity Couples” on Sunday.

But his behavior towards his girlfriend made him the hated figure of the season. His “morbid ambition” (so fellow candidate Christina Grass, 34) drove him to constantly complain about the less motivated Antonia. In the games he yelled at them and insulted them. When she didn’t perform satisfactorily, he gave her a cold shoulder inside. While he wasn’t gossiping about her weight. In the reunion show with Frauke Ludowig, especially the candidates of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” criticized him. The farmer was not lenient, and an apology never came.

Even before Patrick Romer, the “Bild” newspaper mentioned celebrities who reportedly could move to the jungle camp in January 2023. It’s trash TV macho Luigi “Gigi” Birofio, reality TV star Yeliz Koc, makeup artist Djamila Rowe, YouTuber Lisha, “Bachelor” Andrej Mangold and influencer Twenty4tim. You can also count on the participation of Lucas Cordalis, who missed last season due to a corona infection.

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