Rumors confirmed?: Rita Ora hints at marriage

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rumors confirmed?
Rita Ora hints at marriage

In August it is announced that Rita Ora and Taika Waititi would be married, an official statement is still pending. In a podcast, the singer now makes a hint that seems to confirm the wedding.

Singer Rita Ora and director Taika Waititi may have already tied the knot during a secret ceremony in London. At least that’s been around for a while. Now in the podcast “Greatest Night Ever” the singer has at least hinted at the wedding with her boyfriend Jaime Winstone.

When Winstone says, referring to the podcast’s title, “There could be another great night someday,” Ora replies, “Oh, I hope so!” Your fans believe that only the wedding can be referred to here. Because the 31-year-old and her alleged husband are already planning another big ceremony in London for friends and family.

Rita Ora is also in love with Waititi and says she is inspired by her parents’ relationship. Mother Vera and father Besnik have been a couple for more than 30 years. “I’m in love. I’m very much in love,” Ora said. “I made that decision. It made me happy and I love Taika. He’s so funny and cute. But I also love love. I’ve always believed in it so much,” she continues. As a child she wanted “the fairy tale”.

Taika Waititi, 47, and Rita Ora, 16 years her junior, have been dating for about a year and a half. While Ora is currently working on her third album, following the theatrical success of Thor: Love and Thunder, Waititi is already planning his next project, a new but untitled Star Wars movie.

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