Rodgers admires Brady, but I don’t know how he’s playing at 45

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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — While Aaron Rodgers greatly appreciates what Tom Brady has accomplished during an unrivaled NFL career, the Green Bay star doesn’t see himself as a copycat of the seven-time champion, who has shown no signs of slowing down after turning 40 Has . Year old.

“I’ll do something else. I have a lot of other things outside of the sport,” Rodgers said in the preview for the fifth heads-up of teams led by two outstanding quarterbacks who are also friends off the starting lineup.

“The game was really worth it for me. I feel like I was able to give it my all,” added Rodgers, 38. “There will come a time when I will make something different and I have no doubts that will be before I turn 45. “

Brady has won two Super Bowls after 40. Less than six weeks after retiring in February, he announced he would be returning for a 23rd season to complete what he described as “unfinished business” with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who host Rodgers on Sunday and the packers.

The all-time leader in the NFL turned 45 in the preseason. What amazes Rodgers about Brady’s longevity is the excellence in the level of play he displays.

“The consistency of playing at a high level without seeing a step backwards. Every player dreads being one of many in the twilight of their career. I don’t think anyone wants to hold on,” said Rodgers, who is in his 18th season – all with the Packers.

“Maybe some want to go another year or play on a team where they don’t have to work hard,” Rodgers added. “But when you’ve been able to reach a high level for so long, you try to stay there for as long as possible.”

The Packers quarterback also counts Brady among his admirers.

They met four times in the starting XI, with Rodger’s only win coming in 2014 when Brady played with the New England Patriots.

“He’s been a phenomenal player for a long time. I love watching him play. He’s also from California, so I feel a little connected,” Brady said. “He’s already a veteran. He’s been a great player in the same team for a long time.”

Tampa Bay is 2-0 to Green Bay since Brady signed with the Bucs in 2020, including a 31-26 NFC Championship win two seasons ago.

The Bucs will miss Mike Evans, their receiving leader after he served a suspension date last week for taking part in a brawl in New Orleans. Brady would also miss a few other receivers – Chris Godwin (hamstring) and Julio Jones (knee).


After two games, the Super Bowl seems unstoppable for the Buffalo Bills.

With the offense that succumbed to Kansas City in the divisional round last postseason almost intact, the Bills beefed up their defensive lineup, including the signing of Von Miller. They are one of the best teams in the NFL thanks to convincing wins against the reigning champion Rams and the Titans, the team that had the best record in the AFC during the regular season.

His next test will be at home to the Miami Dolphins, a team looking to compete for first place in the American Conference with a debut coach and multiple offensive lines.

The Bills (2-0) and Dolphins (2-0) go Sunday with the two best attacks in the league, but Buffalo has dominated straight crossovers in recent years.

Week three began Thursday night with the Browns’ home win over the Steelers, 29-17.

It continues on Sunday with the following duels: Baltimore vs. New England; Cincinnati in NY (Jets), Detroit in Minnesota; Houston-Chicago; Kansas City near Indianapolis; Las Vegas in Tennessee; New Orleans-Carolina; Philly in Washington; Jacksonville at LA Chargers; Atlanta near Seattle; LA (Rams) in Arizona; and San Francisco in Denver.

The New York Giants host Dallas in Monday night’s matchup.

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