River Plate will build a new building for its school inside the club: the details of the work

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River Plate announced work on the River Institute

The machines do not stop inside River Plate. Although most eyes are on the renovation and expansion of the Monumental Stadium, the Institution Núñez announced the start of an important work: The River Institute will move within the club, which will allow progress on reforms at Antonio Vespucio Liberti.

“We have started the work of the River Plate Institute. A job that we have dreamed of for a long time and that, fortunately, can now become a reality. Near the SUM river, in the floating part of the river, we will start a 4,000 square meter projecta work that can host all the first, secondary and kindergarten of River,” explained President Jorge Brito through an informative video.

From the millionaire, they warned that the new infrastructure “will have a modern and innovative design, following the new trends in education and educational architecture, allowing for quality education prepared for the challenges of the 21st century”. This announcement was made as part of the Institute’s 40th anniversary. It will be located in the currently vacant area between the club’s SUM and the Casa River, with exclusive access from Sáenz Valiente street.

In addition to Jorge Brito, Stefano Di Carlo (Secretary General) and Manuel Vidal (Vice President of the River Institute and Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires) visited the area. “We think it’s very important for River students, mainly because the students have been able to enjoy being in River for a long time, which has many merits, but it also has to be said that we’ve had years of more than 20 years days, what a product of the cup games during the week, they had to miss their classes,” the President remarked.

River Plate announced work on the River Institute
River Plate announced work on the River Institute

It is worth noting that these works will allow smooth progress in the reforms that should be carried out in the area of ​​​​the Belgrano stand. Within the project, the creation of 30 classrooms for elementary, primary, secondary and tertiary education stands out; and two multipurpose rooms.

“We have always felt it necessary for River to have its institute on River’s property but outside of the stadium. We can also have the part of the River Institute next to the swimming complex and intervene in the whole area of ​​​​external quinchos to modernize ourselves at the peak of what the River partners need. warned Brito. An upgrade of the outdoor barbecue area and the square is planned. In addition, a sanitary complex and a pool for minors will be built (which can be covered in winter).

This news was announced shortly after the launch of the High Performance Athlete Education Plan (RiverDAR), designed to allow young athletes to study and complete their high school diploma, with specific subjects for their professional development alongside general content. Therefore, the Núñez unit will be the first to offer the degree Bachelor of Instruction in Physical Education with Certification in Elite Sport.


Estimated constructed area: 4100 m2.

Extension area on the ground floor

Area of ​​the Square of Accesses and Semicubiertos: 585 m2.

Courtyard area: 420 m2.

Extension area of ​​the initial level: 200 m2.

Expansion area on the ground floor: 200 m2.

Expansion area on accessible terrace: 500 m2.


30 classrooms for primary, elementary, secondary and tertiary education.

flexible spaces

Two multipurpose rooms; one for primary school and one for secondary school.


Three, differentiated by level.


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