“Rest in Paradise, Brother”: Celebrities Say Goodbye to American Rapper Coolio

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“Rest in paradise brother”
Celebrities say goodbye to American rapper Coolio

Coolio released a real world hit in 1995 with “Gangsta’s Paradise”. Now the American rapper dies unexpectedly when he visits a friend. On social media, numerous musicians and former companions react to the death of the 59-year-old.

After the surprising, far too early death of the American rapper Coolio, stars, companions and especially numerous musicians shared touching reactions on social networks.

Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer, who is linked with Coolio through his biggest hit “Gangsta’s Paradise”, started things off. “It is heartbroken the death of the talented artist Coolio. A life that ended too soon,” the 64-year-old writes on Instagram.

With “Gangsta’s Paradise”, Coolio created the title track for Pfeiffer’s hit film “Dangerous Minds – Wilde Thoughts” from 1995. In her post, the actress cites the song as the reason for the film’s huge popularity – and shares an excerpt from the joint music video of the both stars. Even after 30 years, she “still gets goosebumps when I hear the song,” she writes.

Numerous musical companions also pay tribute to the late rapper on social networks. Snoop Dogg simply writes on Instagram, “Gangsta’s Paradise. Rest in Peace,” and shares a photo of the two West Coast rappers together.

“One of the nicest guys I knew,” said U Can’t Touch This performer MC Hammer.

Rapper and “Navy CIS: LA” star LL Cool J tweeted in a variation of the English “rest in peace”: “Rest in power, my brother. Coolio. Love and respect”.

Actor Martin Lawrence also expressed his condolences on Twitter. “My deepest condolences and prayers go out to Coolio’s family,” said the “Bad Boys” actor.

Musician and comedian “Weird Al” Yankovic, who parodied Coolio’s biggest hit “Gangsta’s Paradise” with his “Amish Paradise” in 1996, shared a photo of a hug with the rap great on Twitter, simply writing: “Rest in peace” Coolio ” .

The Roots drummer and Oscar winner Questlove simply writes, “Peaceful journey brother.”

Ice Cube is also stunned by the “sad news”. He wrote on Twitter that he himself witnessed Coolio’s rise to the top of the industry.

Singer Afida Turner, who has been married to Tina and Ike Turner’s son since 2007, has been affected. To dozens of emojis showing two hands folded in prayer, she wrote, “MY GOD, NO, COOLIO” and, “Rest in Paradise.”

Irish politician Thomas Pringle tweeted a video of himself quoting Gangsta’s Paradise in the Irish Parliament: “Power and the money, money and the power. Minute after minute, hour after hour…”. While Coolio rapped about a “Gangsta’s Paradise” in 1995, Pringle adds, he might as well have been referring to Irish politics.

Poison singer Bret Michaels wrote of a photo with Coolio: “My deepest condolences to Coolio’s family, friends and fans.” The photo was taken during the recording of “The Greatest Hits” by the American broadcaster ABC. “A great guy who will be missed,” Michaels concluded his tweet.

Basketball superstar LeBron James posted the name Coolios in a story on his official Instagram account, followed by eight emojis of the white dove of peace. Immediately after, the Los Angeles Lakers star wrote in another story, “Right where he is now! Gangsta’s Paradise.”

US helicopter reporter Chris Cristi captured an aerial view of the Los Angeles home where Coolio was found dead Wednesday night (local time). Next to a police officer, two men can be seen bowing their heads, visibly distressed.

It is not yet clear how Coolio died. According to the celebrity portal “TMZ”, the 59-year-old died at the house of a friend he was visiting. He went to the toilet but couldn’t get out. After a while, when the friend checked on him, he found him lying on the floor. The paramedics, who pronounced him dead, assumed a cardiac arrest, but the investigation was ongoing. The investigators found no drugs or drug paraphernalia at the scene, TMZ continues. An autopsy should clarify the exact cause of death.

Coolio is known to suffer from asthma. About six years ago, he suffered a severe attack during a performance. He had previously reported in an interview that he often struggled with it and sometimes almost died from it.

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