“Relaxed Atmosphere” Gone?: Parents at New Royals School “Pissed”

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“Relaxed atmosphere” gone?
Parents at new school Royals “pissed”

Prince William and Duchess Kate’s children are about to change schools. While the children are certainly looking forward to their new classmates, some parents are less enthusiastic. They think the security measures for the royal family can spoil the good mood.

All three children of Prince William and Duchess Kate are moving to the prestigious Lambrook School near Ascot, Berkshire next school year, costing £21,000 a year. But contrary to what you might think, not all parents with children in school are looking forward to the prominent addition.

Some fear that the registration of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be at the expense of the “relaxed atmosphere” on the spot. There is talk of “a lot of security personnel and armed police hiding in the trees”, automatic gates and guards on the property and in the corridors. The security measures could change the 52-acre stretch of idyllic landscape, so the fears.

Concerned About Safety Precautions

“A lot of parents are angry. They are afraid that with all the security measures, the atmosphere and atmosphere of the school will change. Many of us are afraid that things like the Christmas service will now become more formal and not the fun, relaxed thing like before,” the statement said. concerned parents ‘Mirror’.

However, it is also said that most members of the school community are expected to welcome the arrival of the royal family at the school.

The palace previously announced that William and Kate would move with their family from Kensington Palace in central London to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. This is accompanied by a change of school.

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