Reception in the town hall: Harry and Meghan visiting Düsseldorf

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Reception at the town hall
Harry and Meghan visiting Düsseldorf

He is not the heir to the throne. Yet the Dusseldorf Prince Harry is preparing an almost royal reception. The 37-year-old and his wife Meghan came to the Rhine because the Invictus Games will take place here in 2023. FDP defense expert Strack-Zimmermann also cheers.

Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have arrived in Düsseldorf for a visit. At the town hall they were cheered by numerous fans and spectators.


The couple signed the city’s Golden Book.

(Photo: dpa)

Political celebrities and members of the Bundeswehr also came to greet the couple, who came to promote the Invictus Games, which will take place in Düsseldorf in a year. The Paralympic games of war veterans are a matter of the heart for Harry. They will be held in a German city for the first time in 2023.

The Prince and Duchess walked a red carpet to the historic blue door of City Hall. Then they attended a reception at the town hall and signed the golden city book. Harry also wanted to give a speech.

“I’m Not Excited”

Meghan presented herself for the occasion in a casual summer outfit. The 41-year-old wore a white ribbed off-the-shoulder top and beige wide-leg pants. Harry appeared in a classic gray suit, without a tie.


Some royal family fans were creative in their reception.

(Photo: dpa)

The politicians who personally welcomed the prince and his wife were not only the mayor of Düsseldorf, Stephan Keller. The President of the Defense Committee in the Bundestag, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, was also present at the reception in the town hall. “I’m not excited, I’m happy because the Defense Committee of the German Bundestag, under our leadership, has managed to bring the Invictus Games to Germany,” the FDP politician said of Harry and Meghan’s visit.

Strack-Zimmermann said she was delighted that her hometown of Düsseldorf would host the matches next year. “The fact that Prince Harry is the patron saint is super important to the soldiers. Of course it’s gratifying that he’s coming now,” she added.

Shipping on the Rhine

After the official reception, Harry and Meghan took a boat trip on the Rhine, where the two also wanted to talk to participants in the Invictus Games. A press conference would later take place in the Merkur Spiel-Arena, where the sporting event will mainly take place next year.

Harry and Meghan had broken away from the close circle of the royal family in 2020 and had moved to the other side of the Atlantic. Since then, the couple has lived with their two children Archie (3) and Lilibet (1) in Montecito, California, near Santa Barbara. Relations with the rest of the Royals are considered partially strained. Visits of the two in Britain or the rest of Europe have been rare since then.

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