Rare interview: Charlène talks about ‘difficult times’

Rare interview
Charlène talks about “hard times”

Much has been said, chattered and written about Charlene of Monaco lately. She herself, on the other hand, hardly spoke. Now the princess is giving a rare interview to a South African magazine. It is also about her husband, her children and her family.

Charlene from Monaco was detained in South Africa for months last year. For health reasons, as it is officially called. When she finally returns to the Principality, she is gone again moments later. To regenerate abroad, as they say.

Since then, there has been much speculation about the 44-year-old. And they don’t just ask what’s really behind Charlène’s exhaustion. Her relationship with Prince Albert II and her role as mother of two seven-year-old twins, Gabriella and Jacques, are also put to the test.

However, the Princely House is not entirely innocent that the rumor mill is bubbling. Albert II spoke only vaguely about his wife’s physical and psychological condition on a few occasions. She is almost completely silent.

“I am deeply religious”

Now, however, Charlène has given a rare interview. Not a medium in Monaco or elsewhere in Europe, but the magazine “You” in her native South Africa. But even after reading this conversation, you’re only partially smarter than before.

“I went through a difficult time,” the princess admits honestly. “But I was lucky enough to have the support and love of my husband, my children and my family, from whom I draw all my strength,” she counters rumors of problems in her marriage.

But Charlène seems to build not only on family, but also on God. “I am deeply religious,” she explains. The fact that she only met Pope Francis in July was “an honor and a great privilege,” the princess said. “Faith has helped me through the hard times of my life.”

“Filled and structured”

Charlène also gives a little insight into her daily life in the interview. “My daily life revolves around my children,” she says. At the same time, however, she tries to do justice to her duties as a princess. “My year is full and structured. I dedicate myself completely to my current and future projects, but also to the needs of my children,” she assures.

Meanwhile, Charlène would once again reside permanently in Monaco. She has been taking appointments in public for a few months now. She regularly goes swimming and sometimes the gym, she says in the “You” interview that she is on the mend. And of course it should stay that way.

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