Ralph Siegel’s diet secret: this is how he lost 25 kilos

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lost 25 kilos
Ralph Siegel has a special diet

Reiner Calmund showed the way, now that Ralph Siegel, at age 70, has changed his diet again to lose weight. With success, because the composer now weighs 25 kilos less. How did he do it…

Ralph Siegel has big plans and has accomplished just as much. On the occasion of a new musical he wrote, the composer wanted to lose weight in order to look good at the premiere next week. Now he weighs 25 kilos less and his wife is also very proud of this success.

Music producer Ralph Siegel is with him "never war again" composed a new peace song.

Music producer Ralph Siegel was even more chubby here.

(Photo: Angelika Warmuth/dpa)

Siegel didn’t celebrate his 77th birthday until the end of September, but he didn’t use his age as an excuse for being overweight, which he carried around for a long time. At the premiere of his new piece “‘N bit of peace” he will now be much slimmer than before on the red carpet. By his side is his wife Lara, who is nearly 40 years his junior and who is happy with her husband about his weight loss success. “I am very proud of Ralph, how consistently he has lost weight,” she says in the newspaper “Bild”.

To achieve this goal, Giulia Siegel’s father underwent a special diet, as he explains in the “Bild” interview. Accordingly, it mainly feeds on figs, cheese and sushi. “I don’t eat carbs anymore, I drink very little alcohol. I only treat myself to a whiskey at night, when I get out of the studio at one o’clock,” it reads.

Munich Premiere

“‘N little peace” celebrates its premiere on October 20 in Munich. The musical is about a couple who met in East Germany in 1979 and had to overcome borders over decades. The piece is named after Siegel’s biggest hit, the Eurovision Song Contest winner “A Little Peace”, which was performed in 1982 by singer Nicole in Harrogate, UK.

Reiner “Calli” Calmund had already shown the way and changed his diet again at the age of 70. However, he also underwent a gastric bypass. His takeoff weight was 180 kilograms. “Now I weigh an average of 90 to 92 kilos. I used to have 180 kilos, so that’s half,” said the 73-year-old in March.

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